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tablet's broke. laaaammmeee. i got about 5-6 years out of it, though, so it was a good one. i feel weird without it though.

uhhh in the meantime i've been doing sketching, and i've still been plodding through drawing on the right side of the brain. i really wanna make some cheesy valentines, but since my tablet's broken, i was thinking i'd just do them on flashcards. i could even mail them that way too hahaha if anyone's interested. if i do that then i'll probably just do them all and post them and people can pick which one they want or something since i dunno
watch as i do nothing etc

5 songs that make you sad:
1. "cry me a river" - julie london
2. "come wander with me" - jeff alexander & bonnie beecher
3. "gymnopedie 1" - erik satie (god no matter what mood i'm in this song is just instant angst)
4. "hurt" - johnny cash (the video makes it worse)
5. "calling you" - jevetta steele

5 songs that make you happy:
1. "la bamba" - ritchie valens
2. "everybody's gonna be happy" - the kinks
3. "revolution" - the beatles (though most beatles songs do, haha)
4. "i believe in a thing called love" - the darkness
5. "rouge no dengon" - arai yumi
bonus: "gee" - girls' generation

5 songs that make you feel normal/down-to-earth:
1. "hard to explain" - the strokes
2. "don't look back in anger" - oasis
3. "people everyday" - arrested development
4. "city lights" - fantastic plastic machine
5. "snow field" - freeTEMPO
bonus: "i've seen better days" - citizen king

5 songs that make you feel on top of the world:
1. "the fallen" - franz ferdinand
2. "juicebox" - the strokes
3. "flathead" - the fratellis
4. "tick tick boom" - the hives
5. "evil and a heathen" - franz ferdinand
bonus: "ratfinks, suicide tanks, and cannibal girls" - white zombie

5 songs you hate:
this is actually really hard, haha. i can't really think of a lot offhand.
1. "beautiful soul" - jesse mccartney
2. "who let the dogs out" - baha men (every time i hear the intro i'm just like FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF)
3. all the free credit report commercials, just because that guy is such a douchebag and they play his douchey commercials all the time
4. "beautiful" - christina aguilera

i could go on and on for all of these but these are just the first things that came to mind

OH YEAH and sup new guys
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