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[ profile] supercharitygo has started again! participate and pass it around! you don't have to do a lot (i'm just doing sketches lol) but doing ANYTHING is still totally awesome. regardless of what you do, though, passing it around will help out a ton. we need more members, haha

this is all i've drawn in a month. aside from random stupid sketchbook doodles that i'm not scanning because i don't feel like it and they're dumb anyway

but anyway i'm so ashamed. the last one was done a couple days and it felt so weird to draw, because i am so not used to drawing right now. and i'm still all weird and don't really feel like it. uuuugh this sucks

in other news i got heart gold! ADD ME AND GIVE ME YOURS
Dox / 2235 9575 7095
sinatra ♂ 32
penne ♀ 26
cotton ♂ 30
telephone ♂ 29
sunnyside↑ ♂ 28
muscle ♀ 28
this isn't what i want for a final team (TOO CUTESY, GET OUT TOGETIC) but it'll work for now

oh yeah, as a heads up, i'm gonna switch over to [ profile] sir_stache eventually since i want a fresh start (inb4 dox when are you going to stop switching LJs). go ahead and add it, but don't take off [ profile] doxinator yet because i'm trying to decide whether i want to finish sanitarium or not and i don't wanna carry it over because that's not a fresh start and i don't know why i think about stupid things like this because it's ridiculous and silly but SHUT UP
chances are i probably won't finish sanitarium, but who knows. I'M JUST SO TORN OHHH
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