Jan. 30th, 2010

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no more heroes 2!! i got it on the first day and would've beaten it sooner than tonight but the final boss is bitch hard
but yeah! honestly, i wasn't really feeling it untiiiilll about the middle-to-end part of the game, when things started sinking in and the bosses start to get more detailed etc, and then it was pretty cool! not that it wasn't cool before, but i guess the nmh "spark" just hadn't hit or something.

ds is still... different, in ways i can't place. maybe it's because it's supposedly more "serious"--which worried me when i first heard that since the last thing i want is for nmh to take itself seriously--but i dunno, while ds was still insane and i didn't notice it being THAT much more serious than the first game, i still feel like there was a change of attitude and style that made me sort of miss the old game. a lot of people are complaining that the bosses aren't as fleshed out, which is something i definitely noticed and was annoyed about, but when i thought about it, it kind of makes sense; travis isn't a rookie anymore and is also being fueled by a lust for revenge the whole game, so it makes sense for him to just claw his way through the ranks without really caring about who's in his way. which is something that would hit harder if we ever actually saw inside travis' head, but as it is, i think that sort of makes for poor storytelling, y'know? the game pretty much just slaps someone in front of you and goes THIS IS THE NEXT BOSS, FIGHT
or maybe it's just because there's more bosses this time around or something

but it's a great game and a worthy sequel, and i definitely appreciate the fact that they trimmed off a lot of fat that the older game had; santa destroy is just a map, and you no longer have to pay for the next ranked match (although you still have to pay for other things, like the gym, but the 8-bit minigames are fun and you can get shittons in one round). i hear that suda51 wants to make one more nmh game, but this is the last one starring travis. who is the next star???? HMMMMMMMMMMM

spoilery stuff )

in other news, i keep wanting to switch ljs since i hate the old entries and also the thought that people still relate those old entries to me, but for some reason i'm all weird and indecisive about it. i'm just attached to this journal or something, haha. but i'd like having a clean slate.
tryin' to think of an awesome name hmmm

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