Sep. 23rd, 2007

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So I was poking through the Let's Play archives today, and seeing all those people banding together and taking the time to go through all those games and share them with people just touched me. Right there. And the more I read through the archives and chuckled at the commentary, the more they began to warm my black, shrivled heart. I was inspired by their efforts, I was. Inspired to finally get off my ass, sit back down, and start working on the next big slew of screenshots.

My friends, I present to you...

Final Fantasy IV!

"WHY DOX, SURELY YOU HAVE GONE MAD" you gasp, spilling wine on your shirt like a SLOB. "THAT LOGO CLEARLY SAYS II!"

Ha ha. Ah, yes. You see, Square released the first FF game into America, but then skipped II and III for whatever reason. They decided to release IV, but since America only had I, they decided to call it II instead of IV. They then continued this when they skipped V and released VI, which they called III. But, of course, once they get to the PSX games they just start calling them VII, VIII, and so on. Personally, I just refer to the old games by their Japanese names, since that's easier for me and is also widely accepted within the FF community. I still run into confusion sometimes, though.

Anyway! I chose this game for a number of reasons. See, this is an extremely sentimental game for me, to the point where it's actually kind of ridiculous. Just... here, let me explain via a tl;dr ramble. )

Anyway, enough of that. Let us begin.
Ahhhh the scent of my youth... like the days of fresh lemon, you see. ...wait. )

Wow, this took way too long to make. Jesus. At least I can go to bed, now :B


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