Oct. 7th, 2007

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Hahahaha man I read this hilarious Seifer/Squall fic the other day. It involved Squall secretly being an angel but not being able to tell anybody, and was the victim of this conspiracy planned by Rinoa and Ultimecia to get him and Seifer 2gethr 4evr so Ultimecia could send him to Hell, and even though in the end Squall manages to single-handedly change the course of Seifer's life in just about every way possible, Seifer is totally cool with it because HE JUST LUVZ SQUALL SO MUUUUCHHH and it was just really ridiculous. Maybe I should recap it for you guys or something |B

Whooooaaaa this is awesome. Not much of a point or anything, but awesome. I AM FASCINATED BY SHINY THINGS, I CANNOT TELL A LIE

Reckless Justice! Stole this one from [livejournal.com profile] calvin_hawkins. I DROVE... RECKLESSLY

Anyway HEY HEY HEY WHO'S UP FOR SOME FFIV sorry about the delay, there. I've been having a lot of trouble motivating myself to do these and I dunno why :O Just going through kind of a funk, I guess. I think I'll try taking and prepping a bunch of shots in advance, so that way, once it's time for the next episode, all I'll have to do is code everything and write commentary. That should lessen the desire to procrastinate, hopefully. IF NOT THEN I'M AFRAID WE'RE ALL SCREWED wait no

So let's seeeeeee... when we last left off we met Yang, who led us to Fabul and had us help defend the castle and the Crystal of Air against Golbez and the Red Wings (there's a band name for ya). After fighting for a billion years (five minutes) and continuously retreating like a bunch of sissies, Cecil and co. hold their ground in the Crystal Room. Kain walks in, we find out he's all evil, Golbez walks in and babbles and kidnaps Rosa, angst. Cecil, Yang, and Rydia decide to sneak into Baron on a boat so they can ask Cid for an airship, and the king says he'll get one for 'em. WILL THIS BOATRIDE BE A LEISURELY ONE, OR WILL IT LEAD TO NOTHING BUT PAIN AND STRIFE? LET'S FIND OUT!

Previous episodes

Hermoine and Harry got fattened as a big group of girls ran over them to a tall boy. )

Woooooo could've sworn there was something else I wanted to mention. Ah well |B


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