Oct. 24th, 2007

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Man, I keep having these somewhat vivid dreams about death and injuries and stuff. Like I had this one really gross one where I had this gaping hole in my bellybutton and you could see organs and stuff... although, of course, my dreamself was just like "EHHHHH I GUESS I'LL SEE A DOCTOR... AFTER I EAT THIS SANDWICH THAT IS" so y'know.
Hahahaha but then, of course, I have this one "nightmare" where some comedian or something was whining about how the Wiimote is a ridiculous controller and the audience kept cheering, and I was sitting at a table somewhere covering my ears and yelling THE WII CAME OUT AGES AGO GET OVER IT ALREADY AAAAAAAA and then I was all annoyed when I woke up. i don't even want to know what kind of nerd that makes me

Darn, Phoenix Wright didn't get here today. I KNEW I SHOULD'VE PREORDERED AT THE STORE eh well. What can ya do. At least this gives me a chance to PLAY SOME FFIV YEEEEAAHHH

When we last left off, we ran around the Tower of Zot, fought the Magus Sisters, lost Tellah (to DEATH), got Kain back, rescued Rosa, fought Vilvalis, teleported back to Cecil's room in Baron, and found out that there are actually some more crystals out there aside from the ones we've been searching for thus far, and apparently said crystals are in the Underworld. Better go get 'em, then!

Previous episodes

does anyone want my sausage bits )

Hey, it actually didn't take me too long this time. Awesome.

Speaking of screenshots, I've been thinking of maybe doing a sort of tutorial/tip/resource post for people wanting to do screenshot adventures of their own and are just starting out and stuff :O Would anyone be interested? Is there someone else who was planning on doing the same thing and is really wanting to do it instead? Let me knooowww

Also, be sure to check out [livejournal.com profile] zarla, who is doing a Space Quest I adventure, and [livejournal.com profile] neutraltwin, who is doing an Illusion of Gaia adventure :D WOO


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