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Merry Christmas! I was going to have this posted yesterday, but the freaking Internet on Sarah and I's computers quit working. It'll come on for like 5 minutes or so and cut out, then just do that for a while until it stops completely (we might need a new router, I dunno). So with that and being busy with Christmas and visiting with John and everything, I just haven't really had a chance. Sorry about that.

Oh yeah, and for those curious, those numbers I had you pick are actually songs on my playlist! So... yeah. However, because of the aforementioned Internet problems, I haven't been able to upload all of the songs. I have a .txt file on my computer with links to MOST of them (still have 20-something to go), but since I'm having to use the downstairs computer right now to even post this... well... yeah. I'm just going to post pictures for now just so this will be on time and everything, but I'm going to have to make a separate post for music. Sorry, guys :<

Anyway, let me just say that none of these are as detailed or as well-done as I would like them to be, and if I had the time, I would've gone a lot crazier with these. I did my best, though, and really, I'm pretty okay with how all of these turned out. Hopefully you guys will like 'em!


And there you have it! :D I HOPE EVERYONE LIKES THEIR STUFF because if you don't then too bad 'cause i'm not redoing it ya punks

Merry Christmas to everyone, and if I don't get around to making an entry on New Year's, then happy New Year as well! I'll probably make a post around then, though, mainly 'cause I just wanna babble about visiting and the presents I got and that sorta thing. blah blah blah

Woooooo I'm looking forward to taking a bit of a break, I tell ya. I can already tell '08 is going to be a busy year for me. HOPEFULLY IT WILL BE A GOOD SORT OF BUSY, THOUGH

Mmm, pie.
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Doooo theeeese. These were passed around... I think it was last year around Valentine's Day, and I thought they were fun and neat so I'm bringing them back. So there.

Not much goin' on ova heuh. I've just been, like, alternating between studying and playing Final Fantasy. IT'S A GREAT COMBINATION, REALLY. I've also gone on a random smoothie and yogurt kick. I dunno what that's about.

Anyway, I was thinking for this entry I would either do an art post or post these Ragnarok Online screenshots I've been hoarding for months. I decided to go for the ladder. Latter. I am so tired
Some of these are pretty big, but they don't go beyond 800x600 :O And I cropped most of them. Weeee
Go shoddy cropping skills go! )

I can't believe I took that many screenshots. I really was not expecting this to come out so long :O Heh, and I was saying a while back that I wasn't going to do anything screenshot-related for a long, long time. "At least not until summer break," I said. BAH. Though in my defence, this is more like a photo album-type thing than a screencap adventure, and plus I've been meaning to get it out of the way for almost a year. And now it is out. All is well.

If you'll excuuuuuuuuse me princess I've been putting off reading this 1,500+ page book for quite a while, but now I think I'm going to go start on it because if I don't read this book then nuns will explode.

edit OH WAIT oh oh oh I cannot believe I forgot to post these, they're like one of the reasons I made this entry in the first place. I found a bunch of RO soundtracks on Galbadia! Not just the original, but a ton of neat arrange albums and fanmade albums and stuff, too! You can find them all over here if you scroll slightly. They don't have all the songs from the original soundtrack up, though, so I zipped them up here, here, here and here. Sound Stories is in Japanese though some of the song tracks for it are cool, and the arrange and fanmade albums are all great. I love RO music, I cannot tell a lie. Even if you don't like or are not interested in RO at all, I think you can at least find some appreciation for it in the music :D Then again, I could just be crazy.
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I'm starving. I haven't eaten anything at all today, but Dad said he's getting ready to cook dinner so I can't eat anything. :< Boohoooo

Anyway, I'm mainly just posting to say that I made a new character on RO!

As you can see, his name is Seriq, and he shall be a priest... eventually. When I get off my lazy ass and level, that is. I loiter too much.

Woo this song is addicting.


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