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Hugeass pchat dump that took an obscene amount of time to put together. Tiger better appreciate the things I do to keep this marriage alive ;_____; (it's all thumbnailed btw) )

Wow, the charity drive starts in about a week. Where did the time go? Nervous...

Sorry I've been kind of scarce. There's this big exam coming up and I suck at time management, so I've just been cramming as much as I can. I can't wait to finally have it done, simply because my conscience doesn't want to let me do anything but schoolwork right now. Every time I try to do something else I'm like OKAY I KNOW I JUST STUDIED FOR LIKE FOUR HOURS BUT I NEED TO DO MORE THERE'S NO TIME LEFT TO WASTE I NEED TO STOP BEING SO LAZY, and then I feel guilty for trying to relax, but I still procrastinate (since apparently it's okay as long as I'm not drawing or playing games or doing something else I enjoy, wtf self), until eventually nothing gets done. No art, no nothin'. It'd be more productive to just punch conscience in the face and do "unproductive" things, goddammit.

I dunno. I'm a big nerd so I actually love studying, hahaha, it's just the time limit that sdfglhdfjg. So that's kind of all that's been happening over here lately. That and I keep having nightmares every time I go to sleep ffffff

There was this big blackout that went on for about 8-9 miles today, lasted for an hour and a half. I liked it, but then I'm a weirdo who kind of likes power outages for some reason (more specifically, going out in public during them. DAD AND I WENT TO THE GROCERY STORE IT WAS SO DARK AND AWESOME). I guess that was our contribution to Earth Day, ahahaha

The weather's getting warmer, finally! I can't wait to go swimming. There's too many freakin' ants, though. Too bad it's so late or I'd haul the vacuum up here and take care of business. i'll get u next time

I-I'll get around to finishing that sketch meme eventually
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First of all, screw all you people who have, like, five day fall breaks. At my school we just get Friday off and that's it. And knowing them, they'll either load us up with homework, or give us one big pointless project the day before. Blarhgalgja argh

I'm starting to really dislike my History teacher. She gives us reports and projects all the freakin' time (other teachers have actually commented saying we don't need that much work, but she doesn't care), for one thing, and for another, she keeps telling us that she wants us to succeed, but then two people will talk at the same time or something so she gets all mad and is like FINE I GUESS YOU DON'T NEED ME YOU CAN JUST TEACH YOURSELVES and doesn't do anything for the rest of the class. And today, this new thing was announced... restrictions or something, which I guess is the highschool term for "warnings" which I got in first grade. But shes already been abusing them. If people make jokes, then they get a restriction and the head of the school gets an e-mail with something like (STUDENT) DOES NOT UTILIZE THEIR CLASS TIME WISELY (I have to hear about "utilizing your class time wisely" at least ten times every day and I'm freaking sick of it. UTILIZE THIS) and then I think something else happens but I forgot. MAYBE THEY DON'T GET COOKIES AND MILK DURING STORY TIME OR THEY HAVE TO GO SIT IN THE CORNER AND THINK ABOUT WHAT THEY DID OR SOMETHING GOD I DON'T KNOW. THIS PLACE SUCKS.

To top it all off, I managed to skillfully smash my hand against the bookshelf while I was reaching for my shoes this morning, and now I think my index finger is either very slightly fractured or just really bung up. It hurt like the dickens when I hit it, and then it was really sore for the rest of the day. If I move it in a certain way then it sends this really sharp pain all the way through my arm. If I had something to bandage it up with, then I would. But I don't. Also, I've been coughing and sneezing and feeling slightly funky lately, so I think I might be getting SICK! YAY!

hate hate hate hate hate hate hate

So, in other news...
Male Restroom Etiquette - The content isn't all that funny, but the video itself is interesting. I could never do that with Sims 2 :O
Narcoleptic Dog one and Narcoleptic Dog two. - I think I'm going to Hell a little bit faster now for thinking these are both really hilarious.
Dr. Tran: Summer Splash - SO STUPID, YET SO GREAT. I should get the DVD.
Hemorrhoids commercial - YOU RUINED CHRISTMAS
Mom spanked the gay out of me. - The first title I came up for this was "spanking out the gay," but then I realized how horrible that sounded and couldn't stop laughing so HERE YOU GO. I love how completely disturbed that lady looks.
Doop - This will never get out of my head ever.
Hey Wish, remember this? - I'd go dig up the original video for it but eh. Don't feel like it.
And finally, one of those rare moments where politics is awesome. See for yourself.
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Starting tomorrow, my school and I will venture into the woods and fend for ourselves using only a dead rat and some rocks. If I survive, I will return on Friday. If not... tell my wife I love her.

Also, download these soundtracks!
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Jesus Christ, was today eventful or what.

Read about how today was eventful, paying close attention to the development of Blaire's character. Write three questions for discussion using the space provided. You may use the back of the paper if needed. )

Before I forget, here is a goldmine of official Phoenix Wright art, except for the "fanart" section which isn't worksafe so watch out for that. BUT IN THE OFFICIAL ART YOU WILL SEE THINGS SUCH AS THIN GROSSBERG AND YOUNG OLDBAG AND EDGEWORTH'S PAJAMAS. I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND IT. OH MY GOD I NEED SLEEP SO BADLY RIGHT NOW.
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School rambling. )

I just remembered that I faved a ton of things on YouTube so I could show them to you guys :O So here they are:

Here It Goes Again - Music video. I saw one of the guys on the Colbert Report last night. I think it was the guy in the black suit, I'm not sure. Also man that bald guy looks exactly like my art teacher. That's really weird. SENTENCE FRAGMENTS
Big Lebowski: Fucking Short Version - I don't know why this is so hilarious to me. There's also the dude version, which isn't near as funny but still.
Berry Melon - CATCH MY HEEEEART also here's the English version.
You Are a Pirate - I don't know which is better; the video, or all the comments that are like ROBBIE IS SO SEXY *DROOL*
MST3K: Mr. B Natural Part 1 and Part 2 - When we went to Oregon last year my brother brought an MST3K DVD, and this was one of the things on it. We were all just cracking up like you wouldn't believe :B Mom even had tears going down her face.
MST3K: Using Your Voice - Do I PLEASE you? Do you find me PLEASING?
MST3K: A Date With Your Family - Do you begin to see now how a date with your family can be a truly special occasion? Do you? DO YOU!?
Zelda CD-I: The Faces of Evil - FACES OF EVIL INDEED
The Faces of Evil Ending - Easiest boss fight ever. And man I think I'm starting to see why they don't give Link any lines in the new Zelda games jesus christ
Wand of Camelon Ending - More pathetically easy boss fights, along with a terrifying fit of seizure-laughter. And man, listen to that level music. Is this like Zelda meets Finders Keepers or something pfffshfshfdsh
How to Play - Turn your volume down before clicking so you wont get blasted with lame 90's music like I did. Yes. TO OPEN A DOOR, STAND IN FRONT OF IT
Legend of Zelda Cartoon Opening - Y'know, the sad part about this is that after watching the Zelda CD clips, this starts to look really awesome.

Also, if you haven't seen MySpace: The Movie yet then you really ought to.
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Today was my first day of getting to be a freshman. It was pretty fun, mainly because we didn't do any work and just like... sat around introducing ourselves all day.

The teachers all seem pretty nice (even the History teacher who kind of creeped me out when I first met her) and the classes don't look that hard. I really like the Algebra teacher. He's just this nice old man who sounds like he should be a host for an old country radio station or something. And he gave us M&M's.

Spanish... I'm not really scared about the work or anything, just confused. About 90% of the class is spoken in Spanish and I don't know anything :O Neither does anyone else, though. We're just like "hurrrr does igualmente mean iguana. what does gracias mean again. how i make porn."

Frankly, the only class that worries me is Biology. The teacher seems picky and he seems like he's going to give us a real hard time if we don't do everything exactly right. Very unforgiving and such. YOU BETTER E-MAIL ME YOUR HOMEWORK AND TYPE EVERYTHING PERFECTLY OR YOU GET AN F. YOU BETTER NOT GIVE ME ANY PAPER OR YOU GET AN F. YOU BETTER USE A RULER OR YOU GET AN F. YOU BETTER GET 100% OR YOU GET AN F AND ALSO HAVE TO REDO IT. BY THE WAY I LOVE DEDUCTING POINTS.

And god what the heck I'm actually going back tomorrow what is this it doesn't even feel like I should be in school but I am what. At least I have Wish there to be confused with me :'<

Sorry for being so on the quiet side, lately. I just haven't felt like talking. Plus I've been kinda down. Emo and lazy, basically.
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I'm home! Man, my brother's laptop monitor makes everything look tiny so now that I'm back on mine everything looks all giant and out of proportion. Is this really how I usually view things man jesus christ

That vacation was great. It was jam-packed with stuff, like Disneyland and the San Diego zoo and Los Angeles and the horrific Palm Springs tram ride that made us wonder if we were gonna live to see another day. Since my memory is like swiss cheese, I brought a notebook with me so I could write down everything that happened, and I wound up filling FIFTEEN PAGES just with notes. Since nobody (except maybe a very dedicated stalker, if I even have one) would read through all of that, you guys are gonna get the super shortened version (with photos!). Eventually. But not right now.

I was really looking forward to coming home and being able to ease back into the ol' slacker routine, but unfortunately this was not meant to be. I heard today that school starts a WEEK FROM MONDAY, so now not only am I nervous enough to hack up my stomach, but I have to take a freaking crash course just to catch up with everything. And when I eventually DO start school, they're going to work my ass off and I'm not gonna have a lot of free time. So no more semi-daily updates with cool things like screencap adventures and music and videos and whatever other neat stuff I come across and wanna share like a kindergartner with a new finger-painted masterpiece :< Bummer.

SO yeah. My brain is all scrambled from the 17-or-so hour drive it took to get back here. I'm gonna play video games or something while I can before it's time for me to take it up the ass. sob

edit OH WISH hey can you tell me the times for Monday :o Mom didn't catch them.
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Man, I had a dream that I was sitting in this gay marriage store for some reason... maybe I was waiting for a friend or something, but anyway. So I'm just sitting around when N*SYNC WALKS UP WHAT WHAT WHAT SUB-CONSCIOUS WHAT

So N*Sync was all

And I said

And N*Sync went :( and walked away. After that I had some dream where my mom was being really psycho and mean for some reason, and I woke up feeling upset because of it. Then I remembered the gay marriage store dream and started laughing my BEAUTIFUL AND TINKLING geek laugh.

In other news, Mom got a job at Dillard's! We went out to eat last night to celebrate. Our waiter had a crazy look in his eye. He probably poisoned our food and we're all going to die, now.

Still though, it's cool that Mom's working there 'casue now we get discounts on all their stuff. Mom said we should go buy me some new clothes for school. Man, every time she talks about me going back to school it always seems to come as a shock. This is probably just because I've been homeschooling for two years and all, so now it's like "oh fuck now I actually have to do some work". I'm not even that worried about the social interaction part. Just schoolwork. Gaaah.

SO ANYWAY. You guys remember that post I made yesterday asking you to vote on the next screencap adventure? Well, I WAS going to do Legend of Mana, but I cannot find a ROM of it for the LIFE OF ME. Man, everyone knows about Secret of Mana, everyone's heard of Children of Mana coming out on the DS, but you just can't find anything for Legend of Mana. It's like Legend of Mana is the neglected middle child of the series or something.

So since I can't find Legend of Mana, I shall be doing...

Okay there's like That's So Raven tentacle rape on TV what )

Gah, sorry that was kind of long and boring, there. But we're finally out of Traverse Town, so we can get on with the actual game, now! Also, I probably wont make future episodes as long as this one. This one was insane. I JUST WANTED TO GET THE OPENING OUT OF THE WAY NOW SHUT UP

On a final note, I changed my profile around. Go see!


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