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LJ WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE (yeah i know it's a few hours late blow me)

anyway, i made valentines! since i don't have a tablet, i just used some flashcards and a super cheap set of markers, and it wound up working out better than they would've digitally (aside from occasionally not having just the right shade or something). i love how these look irl, but i'm really disappointed in how the colors look after scanning. even after tweaking, i still can't get them to look accurate. just pretend that the colors in this are like 999x better and more vibrant and stuff

valentines [14] )

anyway yeah I ALMOST DON'T WANT TO SEND THESE OUT (especially since i'm paranoid that they'll just get ripped up in the mail since that keeps happening), but i guess i'm not gonna do anything with 'em! so claim one here and pm your address, i guess (yeah even people who did that before, don't save these things). i'll even throw in a special gift :)

i thought i had more to say but i am so out of it right now omg i'm passing out goodnight
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Heeeeyyyy, I've actually been drawing things! Kind of. Actually, these are just terrible doodles for the most part )

I need a massage. :T

Handwriting meme. Original is over here, if you want it.
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Hey, my new AIM screenname is Agent Speedjump. EVERYONE ADD IT GO GO DO IT

And because I don't think anyone saw my edit, give me some more sketch requests! I was going to increase it by another five, but now I'll take ten. I LIVE ON THE EDGE (and people from before can make another request, I suppose, if you want :D). Just don't expect real speedy replies because I have been so busy these past few weeks you don't even know

This video is completely unrelated. DONUTS DONUTS DONUTS JELLY-FILLED DONUTS
Also, sandwiches rolling down hills
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Merry Christmas! I was going to have this posted yesterday, but the freaking Internet on Sarah and I's computers quit working. It'll come on for like 5 minutes or so and cut out, then just do that for a while until it stops completely (we might need a new router, I dunno). So with that and being busy with Christmas and visiting with John and everything, I just haven't really had a chance. Sorry about that.

Oh yeah, and for those curious, those numbers I had you pick are actually songs on my playlist! So... yeah. However, because of the aforementioned Internet problems, I haven't been able to upload all of the songs. I have a .txt file on my computer with links to MOST of them (still have 20-something to go), but since I'm having to use the downstairs computer right now to even post this... well... yeah. I'm just going to post pictures for now just so this will be on time and everything, but I'm going to have to make a separate post for music. Sorry, guys :<

Anyway, let me just say that none of these are as detailed or as well-done as I would like them to be, and if I had the time, I would've gone a lot crazier with these. I did my best, though, and really, I'm pretty okay with how all of these turned out. Hopefully you guys will like 'em!


And there you have it! :D I HOPE EVERYONE LIKES THEIR STUFF because if you don't then too bad 'cause i'm not redoing it ya punks

Merry Christmas to everyone, and if I don't get around to making an entry on New Year's, then happy New Year as well! I'll probably make a post around then, though, mainly 'cause I just wanna babble about visiting and the presents I got and that sorta thing. blah blah blah

Woooooo I'm looking forward to taking a bit of a break, I tell ya. I can already tell '08 is going to be a busy year for me. HOPEFULLY IT WILL BE A GOOD SORT OF BUSY, THOUGH

Mmm, pie.
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IM convo )

P.S: I wouldn't watch this if you're epileptic. No, seriously.
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I was 'interviewed' by Bluey!
1: What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? - I usually don't even eat breakfast, but when I do I enjoy me some toast.
2: What do you think - I think you SUCK. And by "suck," I mean you're funky fresh. We don't talk as much as we used to, though!
3: What do you want to do for a career? - Ideally I'd be an author of some sort. Maybe get in the tech or science industry, but that isn't extremely likely. If not those two, though, then I think it'd be cool to work with kids somehow :D
4: How do you feel about girls throwing up rainbows? - I THINK THERE SHOULD BE MORE OF THEM
5: Do you have what it takes to be a Pokemon Master? - No. I need some shorts, first.

If yooou would like to be interviewed by me, comment and ask and I will give you five questions. Five of them! And then you can answer either here or post in your journal. And stuff.

I was gonna do a song post, but then I decided to do an art post instead since I haven't done one in months :O There's about... fifty images in this? Pretty sure that's it. Watch out for cursing and a butt.
ulaelalealelaelaelaelaelae )

THAT'S ALL FOR NOW. Wish is gonna pick me up in like ten minutes so I GOTTA GO SEEYA
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A lot of you probably already guessed, but the number thing I had you do was for SONGS ON MY PLAYLIST! So you get art AND music you lucky, lucky people. LUCKY PEOPLE LUCKY LUCKY I am so tired right now.

Cut because I talk too much. )

lol i am such a talented artist omg

And that wraps up this monster of an LJ entry! If there's something in your picture that's SERIOUSLY SCREWING UP YOUR CHI then let me know and I'll fix it up. Also, if you got a song that you already have, just don't like, or if you just want MORE MUSIC GIVE ME MORE then feel free to pick some different numbers. Uploading things to YouSendIt isn't like this huge and bothersome chore, so you wont be bugging me or anything. I like sharing music!

And, of course, if I messed up anything in the GIANT YOUSENDIT HORDE then let me know. BASICALLY JUST TELL ME IF I SCREWED SOMETHING UP OKAY?

dear god I seriously need to sleep HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT


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