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so i really hope i won't be forced to sit in a car for a week because dad "just dislikes" flying (even though everyone else in the family hates driving for that long, but since he wants to then everyone has to lol) and mom "just doesn't like the idea" of me flying without them, even though sarah would be there and everything

because i have seriously made that stupid roadtrip more times than i can count, and i got sick of it a long time ago


also this computer is dumb
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Giftpost is closed! Thanks for all your requests!

John left this morning, so I'm kinda bummed about that. BUT, as a nice tradeoff, my tablet pen got here today! It feels pretty good to be back at the wheel, I gotta say.

Anyway, we pretty much just lounged around the house and played video games. 'Turns out the 360 got jostled around in the mail and BROKE, which is why it wasn't showing anything, so hopefully the warranty is still good on that. We just rented a 360 in the meantime since John brought lots of games. inb4 lol broken xbox

But yeah, blah blah video games )

god finally it went away that literally lasted for five minutes straight. Ow. Man. so where was OH YEAH WISH LOOK WHAT I FOUND :B I was just looking at something completely unrelated and clicked a link and it was this song, it was so weird. NOW IT'LL NEVER GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD

HEY GUYS $2.99 CUSTOM MOUSEPAD SPECIAL THAT LASTS FOR 92 YEARS. my family and friends are going to get nothing but mousepads from me from now on
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Color thing. )

You know what sucks?

It sucks when your parents ask you if you want to go for a walk, and you reply with "Maybe in a second" since you just woke up, but then they go ahead and leave without you so you scramble all over the place, put on pants, start to go out the front door and decide to go out the back, double back for the bathroom, then finally burst outside and run three blocks in 80-90° weather with the sun bearing down on you, while wearing a long t-shirt and pants (both dark), AND while wearing sandals since you knew that if you wasted more time by tying your shoes then you'd never catch up...
... and then once you do they're just sort of like "oh look who's here lol" and proceed to walk up a gigantic hill without stopping, and then just go "you're fine, whatever" when you ask to take a different route so you don't have to climb up another steep hill at the end of the walk.
In retrospect, it was probably stupid to not put on tennis shoes, since now my ankles hurt like a mother. OW, WALKING

Man, my dad is sixty, now. That's so hard to believe. Jeez, and John's gonna be thirty in a little while. Everyone's getting old
Speaking of family, I love my sister dearly, she's a good person, smart, I think she's super, but every time she talks about gender I just... gaaaah. She seems to think that men should act like men and women should act like women and if you act like anything else then you're weird, gay or both, and considering I have a really boyish personality and little to no interest in stereotypical "girly" things, that can get... a little offensive. Tonight she was describing some guy on TV who was transgender, and she said "transgender" with air quotes and went on about the guy in this condescending tone of voice and finished with "Uh. Yeah." like she just finished describing some convoluted b-movie plot about giant lizards from Mars or something. I can't even go clothes shopping with her because she has to put so much emphasis on how THIS ONE IS REALLY FEMININE, WHICH IS GOOD, AND I KNOW YOU DON'T LIKE TO THINK IT IS, BUT YOU ARE A GIRL, and auhdfgkhjad no, I honestly do not feel comfortable wearing really girly things, it's not who I am, I'm going to buy this baggy t-shirt and cargo pants now

Beat RE4, as well as Separate Ways and Assignment Ada. Might play through it again since it's short and unlocked things intrigue me. The Mercenaries is pretty fun, but man do I ever hate that Dr. Salvador-type guy. It'd be fine if it was just a normal Dr. Salvador or if there was only one per level, but instead there's a bunch and they're on freakin' speed and have to flail their chainsaws all over the place and I tell ya man, they're total godmoders
Also fffffffffff Regenerators. It's not really fighting them that scares me, it's just... everything else. Their battle music, their breathing, the way they move, the way their waist/legs stumble for a moment after you blow up their torso, their locations (seriously, was it just me or did all the Regenerator spots have the creepiest atmospheres in the whole game adfgj).

I've been working on going through all my old entries and f-locking/privating the embarrassing ones, and also going through old screencap adventures and tweaking the commentary slightly. I MUST HIDE EVERYTHING FROM MY PAST. Of course, I'll probably look at these entries in a few years and be like GOD I WAS SO STUPID, soooo

owww my ribs. I should really get them checked, they've been bothering me for months.
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Dangit, I didn't mean to take a nap and that still wound up happening. I'm mad at myself, now >O

Happy Valentine's Day! (picture) )

If you haven't played Justice For All then you should because it is greatly fun :O I'm currently stuck on part two of case two and I cannot pick the evidence that proves my point and it's driving me insane argh. Heh, I keep getting this doofy grin everytime someone from the last game shows up. CURRENTLY PULLING FOR GROSSBERG TO MAKE AN APPEARANCE. If you spoil anything for me I will cut you.

I also finally went out and got a sound card! Still need to poke at it, though. I'll do that in a sec.

Other than that, not much to report. Sorry this entry is so dinky but I'LL HAVE ACTUAL UPDATES SOON just you wait. Oh yes.
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First of all, screw all you people who have, like, five day fall breaks. At my school we just get Friday off and that's it. And knowing them, they'll either load us up with homework, or give us one big pointless project the day before. Blarhgalgja argh

I'm starting to really dislike my History teacher. She gives us reports and projects all the freakin' time (other teachers have actually commented saying we don't need that much work, but she doesn't care), for one thing, and for another, she keeps telling us that she wants us to succeed, but then two people will talk at the same time or something so she gets all mad and is like FINE I GUESS YOU DON'T NEED ME YOU CAN JUST TEACH YOURSELVES and doesn't do anything for the rest of the class. And today, this new thing was announced... restrictions or something, which I guess is the highschool term for "warnings" which I got in first grade. But shes already been abusing them. If people make jokes, then they get a restriction and the head of the school gets an e-mail with something like (STUDENT) DOES NOT UTILIZE THEIR CLASS TIME WISELY (I have to hear about "utilizing your class time wisely" at least ten times every day and I'm freaking sick of it. UTILIZE THIS) and then I think something else happens but I forgot. MAYBE THEY DON'T GET COOKIES AND MILK DURING STORY TIME OR THEY HAVE TO GO SIT IN THE CORNER AND THINK ABOUT WHAT THEY DID OR SOMETHING GOD I DON'T KNOW. THIS PLACE SUCKS.

To top it all off, I managed to skillfully smash my hand against the bookshelf while I was reaching for my shoes this morning, and now I think my index finger is either very slightly fractured or just really bung up. It hurt like the dickens when I hit it, and then it was really sore for the rest of the day. If I move it in a certain way then it sends this really sharp pain all the way through my arm. If I had something to bandage it up with, then I would. But I don't. Also, I've been coughing and sneezing and feeling slightly funky lately, so I think I might be getting SICK! YAY!

hate hate hate hate hate hate hate

So, in other news...
Male Restroom Etiquette - The content isn't all that funny, but the video itself is interesting. I could never do that with Sims 2 :O
Narcoleptic Dog one and Narcoleptic Dog two. - I think I'm going to Hell a little bit faster now for thinking these are both really hilarious.
Dr. Tran: Summer Splash - SO STUPID, YET SO GREAT. I should get the DVD.
Hemorrhoids commercial - YOU RUINED CHRISTMAS
Mom spanked the gay out of me. - The first title I came up for this was "spanking out the gay," but then I realized how horrible that sounded and couldn't stop laughing so HERE YOU GO. I love how completely disturbed that lady looks.
Doop - This will never get out of my head ever.
Hey Wish, remember this? - I'd go dig up the original video for it but eh. Don't feel like it.
And finally, one of those rare moments where politics is awesome. See for yourself.
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So when I said I'd "try and get as many things done" I meant "play Baka RO with Wish," by the way. But darnit, it's just so fun.

Went and saw Cars, tonight. It was stupid, though I think that a lot of that was because of the theatre and audience. I could handle the outside of the theatre smelling like sour milk, hearing retching while waiting in the ticket line, having to wait in the snack line between a soccer mom with her screaming kid and a fat lady with a strange odor (and then having the people running the snack bar take a million years for each order), and having to sit in a crowded theatre behind a guy who did not stop crunching on nachos the entire film. I can deal with that, no problem.

But goddamnit, when I have to sit next to these two retard girls who keep belting out these ear-piercing donkey laughs every time someone makes a joke, then that's where I draw the line. They talked the whole time and kept playing with their cellphones as well, which was annoying, but I could deal with it. But every time they started laughing it was SO LOUD and SO OBNOXIOUS that it would make me jump.

It was all
And there was just NO EXCUSE FOR IT

That, and they would go "awww" everytime someone was sad which was equally annoying. And then everytime there was a line they thought was funny, they felt the need to repeat it.

And the theater smelled like farts.

As for the movie itself... the animation was amazing, but the plot was boring. I dunno, just wasn't too into it. Too feel-good for my tastes, and all the characters made me vaguely annoyed. Especially Larry the Cable Guy. I hate Larry, I hate the blue comedy thing and I hate how he managed to wedge his "Git'R'Done" catchphrase into the movie.

And damnit, we didn't need to repeat the cow tractor whatever joke fifty million times okay. It wasn't even that funny the first time.

Also what the hell, why do I keep going through these random, low self-esteem trips? I'll be completely angry with myself one minute, then the next I'm fine. Blargh, emotions.


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