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without delving too deeply on a public entry, i just wanted to thank everyone for their kindness, understanding, and support. i expected the best out of you guys and i got it, and i think the fact that we're entering a day and age where people like me can actually DO that is something that's really amazing. you guys give me hope for the future. ♥ thanks.

in other news, last call for those dumb valentines. i dunno what i'll do for the unclaimed ones. keep 'em? or maybe just send bonus ones to people who requested? hmmm.
man i need to send the claimed ones out though. when did i get so shitty at mailing cards

so i got a new tablet, but it was all buggy so i'm gonna exchange it tomorrow today.
in the meantime, doodles [7] )

i've been plugging this everywhere, but this article on rape is the best i've ever read. it's extremely informative, has a very calm and clear (yet influential) tone, and is completely fair to everybody involved. it's an important article that everyone should read, so i strongly encourage you guys to plug it as well.

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LJ WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE (yeah i know it's a few hours late blow me)

anyway, i made valentines! since i don't have a tablet, i just used some flashcards and a super cheap set of markers, and it wound up working out better than they would've digitally (aside from occasionally not having just the right shade or something). i love how these look irl, but i'm really disappointed in how the colors look after scanning. even after tweaking, i still can't get them to look accurate. just pretend that the colors in this are like 999x better and more vibrant and stuff

valentines [14] )

anyway yeah I ALMOST DON'T WANT TO SEND THESE OUT (especially since i'm paranoid that they'll just get ripped up in the mail since that keeps happening), but i guess i'm not gonna do anything with 'em! so claim one here and pm your address, i guess (yeah even people who did that before, don't save these things). i'll even throw in a special gift :)

i thought i had more to say but i am so out of it right now omg i'm passing out goodnight


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