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SO HEY I just got back from St. Louis. Well, not really "just," I guess, since that was, like... yesterday afternoon. But yeah! BLAH BLAH BLAH )

Anyway, that's enough of that. To make this post a bit more worthwhile, how aboutAWWWWWWWWW
Sorry, distracted. HOW ABOUT SOME DRAWINGS? Ever since I made Eccentricity there hasn't been much of a point to posting them here, since I put everything I draw up there. Lately, though, I've been thinking that I kind of miss doing art posts in this journal, especially since not everyone looks at Eccentricity. So what I've decided is that I'm going to start posting things here FIRST, and THEN move them to Eccentricity, so that way, Eccentricity will be more of an archive-y site, which is what it was intended to be in the first place. :D Took me long enough to figure that out

You should look at the website for stuff I did before these, by the way.
Aaaaaarrrrrtttt )

Aaaaand yup. Feel free to critique any of these, by the way!

On a side note, Apollo Justice got here sometime while we were gone! And I even got the keychain! :D And for some reason, I have yet to take the game out of the plastic wrap. I must fix this immediately.
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Aaaaand that's a wrap!

I really enjoyed doing this, and I hope everyone else had fun as well :D Thank you to everyone who left comments on these -- you guys are hilarious and great and your comments never fail to make my day. Also, thanks to all the lurkers who decided to pop out and say hi and everything. IT'S COOL TO KNOW THERE'S MORE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO ENJOY READING THESE AND EVERYTHING.

Haha, this is coming out really stupidly. JUST... THANK YOU ALL, IS WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY. I'm already wanting to do another game, but I should probably wait until 2008 (AKA a couple of months lol) because I have work I need to do :B I may do a voting post thing before then, though. We'll seeeeee

Oh yeah, and a couple of videos:
FFIV Ending (Part 1) - This starts when Cecil walks in the room to find Golbez and FuSoYa fighting Zemus and everything, soooo you get to see pretty much everything that happened in the past two updates :D
FFIV Ending (GBA Version) (Part 1) - So you can compare dialogue and stuff.
There's other videos on YouTube, obviously, but I'll let you guys poke through there yourselves :B

And now for some tea.

Edit: Oh yeah, we're going to Texas tomorrow and aren't coming back until Sunday, and I hate the computers there with a passion, so if I'm really late replying or anything then you know why :O
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Okay, guys. This is it. THIS IS IT.
THIS IS... well, almost the end. We still have about one more update to go. BUT WE'RE ALMOST THERE MAN WE'RE SO CLOSE.

When we last left off we got Bahamut, ran around inside the Giant of Bab-il, fought the Four Fiends again, blew up the Giant, found out that Golbez is Cecil's brother, got Kain back, and went back to the Moon. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

Previous episodes

so hey i sure hope you like battling, because )

On a side note hey official FFIV DS site. It's in Japanese, but it's real easy to navigate. LOOK AT HOW AWESOME EVERYONE LOOKS OH MAN. Dark*Cecil, Yang, Edge, and Kain look especially badass, if you ask me (Yang looks so cool that I actually blurted out OH MAN YANG LOOKS AWESOME when I saw him). Palom kind of looks like a girl, though. Golbez sounds awesome and Kain's voice is a lot deeper than I imagined. Also, why do Cecil, Kain, and Edward have purple lips? What is this.
And haha, I like how Kain's BEAUTIFUL FLOWING HAIR is actually visible in this version. You can sort of see it in his profile shot in the original, if you look, but it's real easy to miss. THIS TIME HIS HAIR IS IN YO FACE

ack people nagging me gotta go
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Hoooooookay. Thanksgiving is coming up and after that I'm going to be pretty busy, so I'm going to TRYYY and get this done before then. SO IF YOU FOLKS DON'T MIND I'M JUST GOING TO SLIP INTO TURBO MODE FOR A LITTLE WHILE because in between studying and visiting family and friends and Christmas shopping and drawing obsessively I'm not gonna have a lot of time for this so I thought I should get it done early and okay now I'm just going in circles



When we last left off we whacked Yang over the head with a frying pan (probably not speeding up the healing process), got the Excalibur Excalbur, went to the Moon, met FuSoYa, learned that Golbez was being controlled by some bloke named Zemus, learned that Cecil is half Lunarian (ALIEN OMG), aaannndddd now we have to go back to Earth and do something about the whole "Tower of Bab-il being reactivated and destroying us all" thing. WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN MAN

Previous episodes


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Still accepting requests, guys. I need to get started on those :O

Wow thanks for those incredibly vivid and disgusting nightmares, sub-conscious, that's great.

Hey, this might be old news to some of you, I just found out a couple days ago... but apparently the Tourretes Guy is dead. He got in a car accident and died in his sleep while he was at the hospital or something like that. 'Happened in August. I don't know why that bums me out as much as it does :< I loved the Tourettes Guy.

Ganked this off of [ profile] stardust_halos. THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING THING I'VE EVER SEEN
Phoenix Wrong - Guilty Pleasure. Worth watching just to see the adorable opening movie, if nothing else :D Watch out for a couple of (mild?) PW2/PW3 spoilers, though.

Anyway, I gots me some FFIV screenshots to show you. When we last left off we went through the Sealed Cave, got the crystal, fought a wall, lost the crystal thanks to Kain getting possessed again, met Cid who put a drill on the Falcon, went to the Town of Monsters and fought Asura and Leviatan, and gave some adamant to Kokkol so he can make us a sword. What happens next?!

Previous episodes

Heh, this is mostly just wandering around, I'm sorry to say. )

Sorry this is so short. I'll try and get another episode up as soon as I caaaannn. Hopefully when I'm feeling less out of it.

Edit: OH YEAH AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIYAMOTO I LOVE YOU I still need to check out Super Mario Galaxy, that reminds me.
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Holiday gift requesty post.

lol darkseed 2
TAAAAAAKE OOONNNNNN MEEEEEEEE hey did you know the art style for Hotel Dusk was inspired by this video? It's true. And now whenever I hear that song I just start thinking of Hotel Dusk and giggle.
Otters holding hands, in case there's anyone out there who hasn't seen this yet. Hahahaha, the crowd.
I never get tired of this.

Hoooo man I'm tired. OH YEAH I have some FFIV-related things I keep forgetting to mention. First of all, here's the intro video for the PSX version. Wanted to wait until we got Edge to show that one :V And jeez, way to spoil all sorts of plot points in the OPENING VIDEO, Square. I know it's an old game and everything, but christ.
Oh yeah, and here's a FFIV DS trailer. Was holding this until we got adult*Rydia :O Also woooo voices.
Aaaaand I was just sorta browsing around when I came across two FFIV remix albums: "Piano Collections" and "Celtic Moon." Both of these are pretty awesome :D I'm especially fond of the Celtic Moon album, but that may be because I have a secret weakness for Celtic stuff. BRB GETTING BOXTY

So anyway hey speaking of FFIV what do you guys say to some more screencaps. When we last left off we ran around the Cave of Eblana, found Eblan's ninja squadron slumming around in alleyways and dealing drugs (WHAT, YOU GUYS DON'T REMEMBER THAT?), got Edge, "fought" Edge's parents (sort of), beat Rubicant, tried to get the crystals and fell down a hole instead, gained ANOTHER aircraft and dubbed it the "Falcon," met up with Cid who put silver on the Falcon and passed out, and then, finally, we told Giott about our crazy adventures and Giott was all like "okay fine just go get the crystal in the Sealed Cave you morons." WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

Previous episodes

Your mind has been transported back in time. And to Mars. )

Wow, really close to the end, here. This actually went by a bit faster than I thought it would, heh.
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In less annoying news, Trauma Center: New Blood comes out on the 20th! This one's going to actually have a new storyline and stuff, which I'm excited about since it bugged me that Second Opinion was pretty much just Under the Knife for the Wii. And there's two-player mode! And it's going to be fully voiced! giggitygiggitygiggitygiggity

Does anyone have any idea when Dimentium: The Ward will be out? Is it out? It looks neat. And incredibly creepy.

Oh yeah, also, everybody needs to check out You basically just define words, and for every word you get right these guys donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. It's really addicting! When I played it for the first time I wound up donating, like... 4,100 grains or so in one sitting. MUST DEFINE WORDS ASDFS

So aaaaanyway, it's time for some more FFIV! When we last left off we went a-runnin' around the Tower of Bab-il, fought Dr. Lugae, stopped the Super Cannon from killing all the dwarves, lost Yang, escaped, lost Cid, installed a hook on the airship, got back the hovercraft, and now we're about to go through the Cave of Eblana so we can sneak back into Bab-il and get those crystals. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

Previous episodes

If the Vikings were around today, they would probably be amazed at how much glow-in-the-dark stuff we have, and how we take so much of it for granted. )

Huh, we're actually about... I'd say maybe halfway or a little over halfway done? Neat. Man I wish these hiccups would stop.
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I think I'm getting a cold. Not too surprising since everyone else around here has been sick and all, but still.

This completely fascinates me for some weird reason. Makes me think of how the male knights in Guild Wars do the "Elaine dance" from Seinfeld.
Is it weird that I find this adorable in a wrong kind of way? Maybe I'm more enamored by the song than anything else.
All the Deling City parade cutscenes from FF8 (disc 1), without music. SPOILERS OMG. But man, these scenes are REALLY eerie without music, especially the last one. Gives me chills every time. I think it's really fascinating to listen to all the detail they put into the sound effects, though, especially with the dancers and fireworks and stuff. Makes me wanna watch musicless cutscenes from other games :B
Wilhelm Scream compilation. If you don't know what the Wilhelm Scream is, here's a Wiki. Funny stuff. It's weird how it starts to sound so out of place once you watch these compilations and stuff, especially since you'd probably never notice it otherwise :O
This really shouldn't be so catchy. And man, I really love that art style. Makes me wanna read detective novels.
Real Life Mario Kart! Got this from [ profile] waywardoctagon. This is almost too amazing :D
I was really moved by this.

Anyway, enough of that. I do believe it is high time for me to get back to FFIV! When we last left off we went to Agart, opened up the Underworld, got caught inbetween some crossfire and crashed in front of a castle (how convenient!), had Cid leave to go repair the ship, fought Calcobrena, met up with Rydia (who is now an adult and stuff), lost YET ANOTHER crystal to Golbez, chilled out with the dwarves, and now we're going to sneak into the Tower of Bab-il while Golbez is away (he's trying to get into the Sealed Cave when it can only be opened with a key. WHATTA MORAN) and regain all the crystals. Also, the tanks will be a distraction or something. LET'S GO

Previous episodes


Now if you'll excuse me, I should really make some food since I haven't eaten an actual, legitimate meal in a couple of days because I am a super genius. Hurfsdurf durrrr no wonder I'm getting sick. ow my eyes
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Man, I keep having these somewhat vivid dreams about death and injuries and stuff. Like I had this one really gross one where I had this gaping hole in my bellybutton and you could see organs and stuff... although, of course, my dreamself was just like "EHHHHH I GUESS I'LL SEE A DOCTOR... AFTER I EAT THIS SANDWICH THAT IS" so y'know.
Hahahaha but then, of course, I have this one "nightmare" where some comedian or something was whining about how the Wiimote is a ridiculous controller and the audience kept cheering, and I was sitting at a table somewhere covering my ears and yelling THE WII CAME OUT AGES AGO GET OVER IT ALREADY AAAAAAAA and then I was all annoyed when I woke up. i don't even want to know what kind of nerd that makes me

Darn, Phoenix Wright didn't get here today. I KNEW I SHOULD'VE PREORDERED AT THE STORE eh well. What can ya do. At least this gives me a chance to PLAY SOME FFIV YEEEEAAHHH

When we last left off, we ran around the Tower of Zot, fought the Magus Sisters, lost Tellah (to DEATH), got Kain back, rescued Rosa, fought Vilvalis, teleported back to Cecil's room in Baron, and found out that there are actually some more crystals out there aside from the ones we've been searching for thus far, and apparently said crystals are in the Underworld. Better go get 'em, then!

Previous episodes

does anyone want my sausage bits )

Hey, it actually didn't take me too long this time. Awesome.

Speaking of screenshots, I've been thinking of maybe doing a sort of tutorial/tip/resource post for people wanting to do screenshot adventures of their own and are just starting out and stuff :O Would anyone be interested? Is there someone else who was planning on doing the same thing and is really wanting to do it instead? Let me knooowww

Also, be sure to check out [ profile] zarla, who is doing a Space Quest I adventure, and [ profile] neutraltwin, who is doing an Illusion of Gaia adventure :D WOO
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so hey guys dumbledore is gay lol

lol stupid new mature content rules on deviantART. I don't really see why everyone's so concerned about minors looking at "porn" when dA isn't even a porn site in the first place, so most of the "porn" there is just tasteful nudity. If it's NOT, then maybe the staff should be talking with the artists instead of blaming the minors for being curious, especially when dA is primarily populated by minors anyway, and especially when most minors are looking at these images through a purely artistic point of view. But what do I know.

WHY CAN'T PHOENIX WRIGHT 3 BE OUT YET AAAAAARRRRRRGGG longest three days ever i tell you. Then again I'm not even totally sure my copy will even get here on the 23rd, since I chose the cheapest shipping there was. WILL PROBABLY HAVE TO AVOID THE INTERNET A BIT though the PW comms tend to be pretty good about warning people about spoilers, but still, I got a few key parts in PW2 spoiled for me just because someone got a little careless while they were asking for music and another person used a spoilery icon and argh. Man I'm rambly today, what is this.

ANYWAY so I thought it might be good to do some more FFIV before Phoenix Wright gets here, since you probably aren't going to see me until I finish it :B SO LET'S GO

When we last left off, we ran a few errands (read: we stole stuff) in Mist and Silvera, met Edward at the Toroian Castle, found out the Earth Crystal had been taken by some Dark Elf fellow, went to Cave Magnes and fought that capslock-speaking sunnuva gun, went back to Toroia, met up with Kain, and he led us into a MYSTERIOUS TOWER WHAT IS THIS PLACE OH GOD OH GOD LET'S FIND OUT



hurrrrrrr man i got these books i wanna read SEEYA

Edit: y helo there, hilarious SSBM screenshots!
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Man, I had this dream last night about eating waffles. They were pretty big, too... not like GIANT but kind of big for waffles. And they were really crunchy and fluffy and delicious. I was all disappointed when I woke up and realized we didn't have any waffles in the freezer :( SIGH

AAAAANYWAAAAAY let's play some FFIV. Where did we leave off... ah, yes. Cecil became a paladin, Tellah remembered his spells and also learned Meteo (which he can't use, btw, since it costs more MP than he will ever have), we reunited with Yang (though not before having an EPIC FIGHT with him where he suddenly has thousands of HP, even though he actually only has about 800+), we snuck into Baron through the underground waterway, defeated Baigan and Kainazzo, reunited with Cid, lost the twins (they got stoned lol get it omg), got an airship, met Kain who told us he'd trade his level 100 Charizard Rosa for the Crystal of the Earth, and now we're going to Toroia to get said crystal. LET'S GO

Previous episodes


HEY GUESS WHAT MY BROTHER'S STAYING UNTIL NOVEMBER 1ST WOOOOOO i'm all excited. He's gonna bring his new girlfriend and stuff, too, which should be interesting. Kinda curious about what she's like and everything. She seems nice from what I've seen, though, a lot more outgoing than Julia and stuff :O Should be fun.

I've been getting all into Princess Tutu, lately. It's actually a very well-done show, I really enjoy it 8D It's also the GRANDMASTER OF CLIFFHANGERS jesus. And I can't even count how many times its made my hair stand on end, just from the way they execute a certain scene or word things and... it's hard to explain. JUST WATCH IT OR SOMETHING. I've been getting the episodes off of Veoh. Apparently they have this new deal where you have to download Veoh TV or whatever to view full videos, and I know that sounds like a pain, but it's worth it. I say you get it, if not for Princess Tutu then for other stuff, since Veoh actually has a pretty darn fair collection of shows and the like :B And it's not like YouTube where everything gets deleted after like a week. So yeah.

I preordered Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations! For those not in the know, if you preorder the game then you get a free Phoenix Wright plushie. HOW CAN YOU RESIST ITS ALLURE whew I'm sure glad I remembered it was through GameStop 'cause I almost ordered from Amazon for a moment, there. THAT WAS A CLOSE ONE. Man, I can't wait for that game.

woo tired
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hey guys
do you know what time it is

it's time for MORE FFIV WOO YEAH hey, I actually didn't procrastinate too badly this time! Awesome.

When we last left off, Cecil went to Mt. Ordeals to become an hero a paladin, defeated Milon (his death still gets me all choked up guys), then walked up to a monolith and it was like MAH SOOOONNNNNNNNN and then everyone disappeared. WHAT A HELL IS GOING ON? FIND OUT!

Previous episodes

If I ever do a book on the Amazon, I hope I am able to bring a certain lightheartedness to the subject, in a way that tells the reader we are going to have fun with this thing. )

I got a little too passionate while trying to make my Peasley Mii become a boxing champion and now my arms have been all messed up for the past few days. They're just really sore now, but before it was actually kind of hard to hold them up and lift things and stuff. YOU MIGHT BE A WEAKLING WHEN WII SPORTS EQUALS STRENUOUS EXERCISE. Though in my defence, Wii Boxing is pretty tiring.

MY BROTHER'S PLAYING A GIG HERE YAAAAAY I think he's coming on the 29th :D :D I dunno whether he's staying for Halloween or not, but I really hope he does. I don't think I've ever spent Halloween with him before, or at least I've never gone trick-or-treating with him, so that would really be cool. Though even if he does stay, I doubt I could convince him to go with me. BUT I CAN TRY

Man, I could really go for some Swedish Fish right now.
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Hahahaha man I read this hilarious Seifer/Squall fic the other day. It involved Squall secretly being an angel but not being able to tell anybody, and was the victim of this conspiracy planned by Rinoa and Ultimecia to get him and Seifer 2gethr 4evr so Ultimecia could send him to Hell, and even though in the end Squall manages to single-handedly change the course of Seifer's life in just about every way possible, Seifer is totally cool with it because HE JUST LUVZ SQUALL SO MUUUUCHHH and it was just really ridiculous. Maybe I should recap it for you guys or something |B

Whooooaaaa this is awesome. Not much of a point or anything, but awesome. I AM FASCINATED BY SHINY THINGS, I CANNOT TELL A LIE

Reckless Justice! Stole this one from [ profile] calvin_hawkins. I DROVE... RECKLESSLY

Anyway HEY HEY HEY WHO'S UP FOR SOME FFIV sorry about the delay, there. I've been having a lot of trouble motivating myself to do these and I dunno why :O Just going through kind of a funk, I guess. I think I'll try taking and prepping a bunch of shots in advance, so that way, once it's time for the next episode, all I'll have to do is code everything and write commentary. That should lessen the desire to procrastinate, hopefully. IF NOT THEN I'M AFRAID WE'RE ALL SCREWED wait no

So let's seeeeeee... when we last left off we met Yang, who led us to Fabul and had us help defend the castle and the Crystal of Air against Golbez and the Red Wings (there's a band name for ya). After fighting for a billion years (five minutes) and continuously retreating like a bunch of sissies, Cecil and co. hold their ground in the Crystal Room. Kain walks in, we find out he's all evil, Golbez walks in and babbles and kidnaps Rosa, angst. Cecil, Yang, and Rydia decide to sneak into Baron on a boat so they can ask Cid for an airship, and the king says he'll get one for 'em. WILL THIS BOATRIDE BE A LEISURELY ONE, OR WILL IT LEAD TO NOTHING BUT PAIN AND STRIFE? LET'S FIND OUT!

Previous episodes

Hermoine and Harry got fattened as a big group of girls ran over them to a tall boy. )

Woooooo could've sworn there was something else I wanted to mention. Ah well |B
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I GOT A MANAPHY WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO yeah! I didn't use my coupon on anything, though. I just couldn't find anything I really wanted :O Well, except Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, but they didn't have that. But then I went to Vintage Stock to return Ico since it was all glitchy, and wound up finding Partners in Time there! AND I GOT IT for like, $16 bucks. Awesome. I haven't gotten very far, but it's pretty fun :B Watching Mario and Luigi interact with their past selves gives me so many cavities.

Oh yeah, and hey sup Phoenix Wright anime opening parody dealie if you haven't seen it already. I love this, personally. Although the Old Bag bondage is a little creepy...

ANYWAY enough of that. WHAT YOU GUYS WANT IS SOME MORE FFIV, AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT? When we last left off, Castle Damcyan got blown up by the Red Wings, who were being led by some dude named Golbez. Tellah's daughter/Edward's girlfriend, AKA Anna died, Tellah ran off, and Edward joined and lent you his totally sweet hovercraft so you can go to the Antlion's cave. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

Previous episodes

Remember, the past participle can be used to form the ~*PERFECT TENSE*~ )

Woooooo now I really wanna get back to playing Partners in Time. BYE
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Man, I've got this neat flash idea for this song. Too bad I know, like... nothing about flash. Well, I can make an object fly around in a circle, but I can't really make a very good movie with that. Just have something fly around with OHHHH YEEEEESSSSS I'M FIIIIIIIINNE in the background man that wouldn't work at all. I should really learn flash one of these days, though, since I have a few ideas for it and I don't really want them to go to waste. Hmmmm

Anyway, tiiiiiiiiiiiime for sum FFIV! When we last left off, Cecil and Kain had just defeated D. Mist or Dragon Mist or whatever it's called and are now on their way to Mist. Let's see what happens next!

Previous episodes


Jeez, the PSP gets more and more tantalizing the more I hear about it. Maybe I should get a job or something :B
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So I was poking through the Let's Play archives today, and seeing all those people banding together and taking the time to go through all those games and share them with people just touched me. Right there. And the more I read through the archives and chuckled at the commentary, the more they began to warm my black, shrivled heart. I was inspired by their efforts, I was. Inspired to finally get off my ass, sit back down, and start working on the next big slew of screenshots.

My friends, I present to you...

Final Fantasy IV!

"WHY DOX, SURELY YOU HAVE GONE MAD" you gasp, spilling wine on your shirt like a SLOB. "THAT LOGO CLEARLY SAYS II!"

Ha ha. Ah, yes. You see, Square released the first FF game into America, but then skipped II and III for whatever reason. They decided to release IV, but since America only had I, they decided to call it II instead of IV. They then continued this when they skipped V and released VI, which they called III. But, of course, once they get to the PSX games they just start calling them VII, VIII, and so on. Personally, I just refer to the old games by their Japanese names, since that's easier for me and is also widely accepted within the FF community. I still run into confusion sometimes, though.

Anyway! I chose this game for a number of reasons. See, this is an extremely sentimental game for me, to the point where it's actually kind of ridiculous. Just... here, let me explain via a tl;dr ramble. )

Anyway, enough of that. Let us begin.
Ahhhh the scent of my youth... like the days of fresh lemon, you see. ...wait. )

Wow, this took way too long to make. Jesus. At least I can go to bed, now :B
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I was 'interviewed' by Bluey!
1: What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? - I usually don't even eat breakfast, but when I do I enjoy me some toast.
2: What do you think - I think you SUCK. And by "suck," I mean you're funky fresh. We don't talk as much as we used to, though!
3: What do you want to do for a career? - Ideally I'd be an author of some sort. Maybe get in the tech or science industry, but that isn't extremely likely. If not those two, though, then I think it'd be cool to work with kids somehow :D
4: How do you feel about girls throwing up rainbows? - I THINK THERE SHOULD BE MORE OF THEM
5: Do you have what it takes to be a Pokemon Master? - No. I need some shorts, first.

If yooou would like to be interviewed by me, comment and ask and I will give you five questions. Five of them! And then you can answer either here or post in your journal. And stuff.

I was gonna do a song post, but then I decided to do an art post instead since I haven't done one in months :O There's about... fifty images in this? Pretty sure that's it. Watch out for cursing and a butt.
ulaelalealelaelaelaelaelae )

THAT'S ALL FOR NOW. Wish is gonna pick me up in like ten minutes so I GOTTA GO SEEYA


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