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without delving too deeply on a public entry, i just wanted to thank everyone for their kindness, understanding, and support. i expected the best out of you guys and i got it, and i think the fact that we're entering a day and age where people like me can actually DO that is something that's really amazing. you guys give me hope for the future. ♥ thanks.

in other news, last call for those dumb valentines. i dunno what i'll do for the unclaimed ones. keep 'em? or maybe just send bonus ones to people who requested? hmmm.
man i need to send the claimed ones out though. when did i get so shitty at mailing cards

so i got a new tablet, but it was all buggy so i'm gonna exchange it tomorrow today.
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i've been plugging this everywhere, but this article on rape is the best i've ever read. it's extremely informative, has a very calm and clear (yet influential) tone, and is completely fair to everybody involved. it's an important article that everyone should read, so i strongly encourage you guys to plug it as well.

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LJ WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE (yeah i know it's a few hours late blow me)

anyway, i made valentines! since i don't have a tablet, i just used some flashcards and a super cheap set of markers, and it wound up working out better than they would've digitally (aside from occasionally not having just the right shade or something). i love how these look irl, but i'm really disappointed in how the colors look after scanning. even after tweaking, i still can't get them to look accurate. just pretend that the colors in this are like 999x better and more vibrant and stuff

valentines [14] )

anyway yeah I ALMOST DON'T WANT TO SEND THESE OUT (especially since i'm paranoid that they'll just get ripped up in the mail since that keeps happening), but i guess i'm not gonna do anything with 'em! so claim one here and pm your address, i guess (yeah even people who did that before, don't save these things). i'll even throw in a special gift :)

i thought i had more to say but i am so out of it right now omg i'm passing out goodnight

do it or i'm gonna feel like a moran
have i done something like this recently? i dunno PROBABLY but just... do it anyway!!

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MY LIFE HAS BEEN LAME LATELY UGH i can't think of anything noteworthy i've done lately (what do you mean lately dox obvious joke)
have crying wife

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we finally sold the old house!! this is such a load off hahaha

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i have so many wips it's crazy

and [ profile] dia_aren_marie tagged me! i think i'm supposed to do this on dA, but nobody watches my dA.

1. Post these rules
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag backs

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i've been trying not to talk about this too much, but... the situation in texas has really gotten a lot worse. both my grandpa and step-grandma have cancer, and now my step-grandma has gotten a staph infection from one of her surgeries. it's so serious that they've had to keep her in the hospital and i think even quarantined, and apparently she only has a 50/50 chance of surviving. she hasn't done chemo yet, and now she CAN'T because it's too dangerous to do when she has this infection.
my grandpa... the doctor said there's a very good chance that they can get all the cancer in surgery, but that's what they said for joanne, so i'm just kinda... waiting for the results. i'm worried about him staying in the lakehouse after his surgery, though, because of the staph; i am really, really hoping that he stays at teresa's house or something until the lakehouse is cleaned up.

anyway, yeah, that's what's been going on over there. we'll just see how it goes, i guess.

edit: oh, god, right, uhh.
please check this out, as a way to triple your donations to the red cross' text donation system for haiti, and please keep an eye on [ profile] help_haiti (dammit the auctioning thing is genius why didn't i think of that). i haven't managed to get in a donation to haiti yet, but it's something i want to do. i've been debating whether or not i ought to start up [ profile] supercharitygo again; i kind of feel like starting it up so frequently is just going to thin the donations out, as well as turn people off of the whole idea. april seems like a long time to wait, though.
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ASK ANYTHING i don't care
i also put a link to it in my profile so you can do it whenever you want. i wanted to put the widget there but it wouldn't show up for some reason.

oh yeah, paid users can send out $10 coupons for paid accounts, soooo who wants one
don't bother sending any to me hahaha i'm gonna just let this run out

since it's getting pretty close to christmas, i'm closing off the request post. thanks, guys! i'll work on all that. if it's a little late or something then i apologize; been all down, really hard to concentrate on anything worthwhile. i'll get them to you eventually, though.
[ profile] roaring_softly, i sent your card on the... 11th? did it get there

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man i did that "my guests" thing and lol who are all you people


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