-forgot to mention, but we went to texas several weeks ago to visit grandparents. they seem to be doing pretty well, actually, which was good to see.
-JUST got back from eureka springs. stayed there a couple of days for mom's birthday. it was pretty nice, haha. have some pics [17] )

i normally hate it when people add their own music to these things, but in this case, it just makes it more hilariously surreal
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oh yeah, i never did that vacation post

i guess i'll do it now (extremely imageheavy) )

jesus that took way too long. nobody is going to read this whole thing.
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branson post time. I'LL KEEP IT BRIEF

still pretty image heavy, though )

we have two vacations planned in july, oh man. one to visit family in texas, one to go to california (P.S. WE HAVE TICKETS TO SEE CONAN WOOO). EXPECT MORE STUPID PHOTO POSTS THEN
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I'm home! Man, my brother's laptop monitor makes everything look tiny so now that I'm back on mine everything looks all giant and out of proportion. Is this really how I usually view things man jesus christ

That vacation was great. It was jam-packed with stuff, like Disneyland and the San Diego zoo and Los Angeles and the horrific Palm Springs tram ride that made us wonder if we were gonna live to see another day. Since my memory is like swiss cheese, I brought a notebook with me so I could write down everything that happened, and I wound up filling FIFTEEN PAGES just with notes. Since nobody (except maybe a very dedicated stalker, if I even have one) would read through all of that, you guys are gonna get the super shortened version (with photos!). Eventually. But not right now.

I was really looking forward to coming home and being able to ease back into the ol' slacker routine, but unfortunately this was not meant to be. I heard today that school starts a WEEK FROM MONDAY, so now not only am I nervous enough to hack up my stomach, but I have to take a freaking crash course just to catch up with everything. And when I eventually DO start school, they're going to work my ass off and I'm not gonna have a lot of free time. So no more semi-daily updates with cool things like screencap adventures and music and videos and whatever other neat stuff I come across and wanna share like a kindergartner with a new finger-painted masterpiece :< Bummer.

SO yeah. My brain is all scrambled from the 17-or-so hour drive it took to get back here. I'm gonna play video games or something while I can before it's time for me to take it up the ass. sob

edit OH WISH hey can you tell me the times for Monday :o Mom didn't catch them.


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