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whoa, thanks for all the songs! you guys have done more than enough to help me out; i think i can more or less take it from here.

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and this is unrelated but i thought i'd ask
does anyone really care if i post hetalia fanart in the regular art posts

because when people said they didn't care for it i just IMMEDIATELY ASSUMED it was a huge deal to them, which, in retrospect, was probably pretty silly. i'm asking, because doing the friends group thing has wound up being a pain in the ass, because i don't want to make a new post every time i do like two tiny little doodles so i wind up hoarding things for months and months and then everything is STILL pretty junky once i'm eventually able to make the post, and i feel all pressured to have to finish stuff to make the post "worth it" so i can finally just get things out (which i never DO because that makes it feel like a chore), and it screws things up if i wanna do crossovers/have something reference something else/have a series, and it just seems like a whole lot of pressure for something that people probably didn't give that much of a shit about in the first place.

so, what do you say.
... i'll probably wind up getting rid of the group anyway so i don't know why i'm asking I HATE THE GROUP I'M SORRY

oh yeah and apparently lj's being weird about comment notifs so sorry about any lateness and such in advance
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-dad had his 61st birthday. watched the rest of that dana carvey dvd to celebrate.
-dressed as zombie billy mays for halloween. everyone i yelled "HI BILLY MAYS HERE FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE" at got a pretty big laugh out of it. especially this one kid who was all YEAAAAUUUHHH BILLY MAYS ROOOOCCKKSSS HRRRRNNNGGG etc in response. he looked about nine and was dressed as a cheerleader.
also, this one lady came up to me and was all I HAVE SO MUCH CANDY HELP and gave me several huge fistfulls and now i have so much candy help
-step-grandma's fine, won't even need chemo or anything.
-saw "this is it." too bad michael never got to do his last tour, it looked pretty cool.
-[ profile] supercharitygo ends this month, so anyone wanting to donate/volunteer better get to it.
-i'll get to the sketch requests in a second



what if it was legal?
what if it was completely safe (no risk of STDs, no risk of abuse, etc)?
what if society didn't frown upon it?
what if it were all/some of the above (wouldn't just because it was legal, but might if it were legal+safe or something)?

would you ever think of it as a respectable/serious career path for you to take?

and there's no reason for asking this, before anyone starts wondering what i'm planning. IT POPPED INTO MY HEAD AND I WAS CURIOUS

ETA: just to clarify, it'd be sort of like an average, 9-5 job. a secretary screens clients, everyone has their own office, you go to employee picnics or whatever, totally mundane. the only thing is that it's... well, prostitution.
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[ profile] heydudeicons update.
also, the philippines fundraiser at [ profile] supercharitygo is still going on. go check it out.

man, i haven't felt like myself lately. i try to act normal, but it just doesn't feel right, and even the prospect of halloween hasn't been cheering me up. i dunno what's gotten into me, but i wish it'd go away so i can go back to
whatever i was before
an idiot
i dunno

i've been playing a ridiculous amount of saints row 2, which is really fun. i beat all the brotherhood missions and am currently working on the sons of samedi (who are a lot more entertaining. so much voodoo and drugs). even character creation is a load of fun. i thought about making martha stewart or paul reubens, but then i went down a more animu path instead it's hilarious don't judge me goddammit
i put him in a bra and a thong and fishnet stockings and high heels

real life stuff: my step-grandma has breast cancer. they found it really early, though, so it's very likely that she'll pull through just fine. tryin' to think of stuff to bring for thanksgiving, since she's not going to do any cooking. i guess i could make cookies? it's about the only thing i know how to make aside from pasta, which isn't exactly thanksgiving food to my knowledge

also, we've possibly sold our old house. it's been on the market for about five years, just draining us of money and making us clean up after loads of shitty tennants. i'm trying to avoid getting my hopes up since nothing's final right now, but god i hope these people buy it. it would free us up so much.

uhhh nothing else is coming to mind, so, question: am i intimidating/difficult to approach? this is completely unrelated to the rest of the post, so don't think people are coming down on me or anything, but it's just something i've wondered from time to time. be honest, anon's fine, etc.


Sep. 20th, 2009 09:19 pm
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did this screen scare anyone else as a kid?

my anime stereotype
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hey internet, it's time for POLLS.

1. is your lj public or friends only or what? why/why not?
2. does being a bnf sound desirable or TERRIBLE
3. have you ever trolled? what happened? also, what kind of troll are you (like AGGRESSIVE, or just acting like an idiot about something while secretly loling)? details, girlfriend
4. are you cautious about friending people or is it just ANYONE, ANYTIME
5. what else was i going to ask, i forgot

answer all of them or a couple, whatever. anon is fine.

these animations are cool as hell. i can't believe they were made by students!

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Jun. 14th, 2009 04:22 am
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i've had a paid account for months and i haven't done a single poll thing


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Okay, still trying to get the charity drive straightened out. I wrote down a rough draft of how everything will be run, and even though it's slightly long, I would really appreciate it if everyone took the time to read it! If nobody has any objections then all of this will be final, so please speak up. I need some help!

Stuuuffffff )

So I guess that about covers it. I hope this isn't too complicated. Anyone got any questions? Suggestions? High fives? EVERYBODY PLEASE COMMENT AAAA (also we'll be sure to put up a suggestion box once it's done, haha).
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Hey! I have another question, though this time it's about something a lot bigger than censorship differences.
How would you guys like to start a charity drive with me?

See, [ profile] gogoicarus had an awesome outcome with her drive, and I was really inspired by it and decided to try and do something similar to that, where people donate to charity and show proof of it to "commission" artwork and stuff, right? I was originally going to fly solo, but then I got to thinking, and-- well, why not see if other people wanted to join in? We could start a community for it, let anyone who wanted to lend a hand volunteer. And hey, why stop at artwork? People could write, make icons, make videos, play songs, whatever they want. Use their talents for good and all that. They wouldn't have to be MASTERS at what they do, they'd just have to be willing to do it. There's no better time for it, man; the economy's in the pits.

Would you guys be up for it?

Like I said, I don't have all the details worked out or anything (would this be an event or year-round, what would "prices" be and how much would each charitable act be worth, etc), and I don't think this is something I could manage all on my own so I'd need a few people willing to help mod, but. Those are minor. WE CAN WORK IT OUT

Spam this post with ideas, thread-hop, go for it. LET'S MAKE SOME MAGIC GUYS dude what if we do it and it gets all huge and famous that would be so cool

EDIT: [ profile] supercharitygo YESSS
EDIT #2: Hey guys, I could really use some co-mods! If anyone's at all willing to help run this, please leave a comment. (As a note, modding pretty much consists of keeping an eye on things to make sure there's no trolling or shadiness or anything, answering questions, and also meeting with other mods from time to time to help make decisions. It's nothing extremely labor-intensive, but you have to be willing to help!)
EDIT #3: Current Ideas/Issues -- Need Opinions (Updated 03/07/09 )
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Hey, I have kind of a weird question--

Do you prefer bleeps or silence (or some other noise) when it comes to censoring? Do you find particular options annoying or distracting?

I was just sort of wondering about this because I was talking to a friend a while ago, and I prefer bleeps because it continues the noise so it feels more like it... is part of the sentence or something while she prefers silence since the bleeps are jarring to her. So now I'm all curious about what other people think dkjfgh. LET ME KNOW

Aaaaand as long as I'm posting, I'm going to go ahead and mash this in here because I've been running into it a bit: Uhh, if you think I'm not paying enough attention to you, then chances are I have no idea whether you want me to or not, hahaha. I have a bad habit of going PFF WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO TALK TO ME WHO CARES by default, so I just sort of assume that anyone friending this journal is doing it for link posts or something and if someone doesn't initiate an IM conversation then they don't want to talk/are busy, without really considering that it could go both ways and the other person is assuming the exact same thing. IT'S A VICIOUS CYCLE
Let me know about that, too! Don't feel pressured to say anything either way; I'm not going to cry if you don't comment, and I'm not going to bite your head off if you say you want to talk to me more. I'M JUST TRYING TO AVOID MISUNDERSTANDINGS since I'm kind of a moron at reading between the lines and things like that, ahahaha.

I have had "Womanizer" stuck in my head since yesterday why wont it stop

Book recs?

Jan. 6th, 2009 07:11 pm
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So I was looking over StatCounter, and I get the sneaking suspicion that my brother may have found this LJ. Get out of here, John.
(If you're not actually John, I apologize.)

So how 'bout them LJ layoffs.

I'm not terribly worried or anything, I'm sure everything will be perfectly fine, but I did make an LJ Archive backup, just in case. You guys better keep in touch and tell me where you're moving if anything bad happens. 8|
Also, according to LJ Archive, my top-used word is "game." I'm sure this is a monocle-popping surprise to everyone
Edit: Durr, oh yeah. I made an InsaneJournal, in case LJ does go belly-up. I'll use whatever you guys are using, though, I'm not real committed to IJ or anything.
My AIM s/n is Agent Speedjump and my e-mail/MSN/Skype is, if you need to contact me. I love you guys and don't wanna lose contact with any of you, so keep me posted! /Edit

OH YEAH, the real point of this entry: I wanna see if I can do the [ profile] 50bookchallenge this year (and maybe also watch 50 movies and beat 50 games, though I'm not sure about those goals yet)! I tried last year, but I started too late, haha.
Anyway, I was just wondering if there's any books in particular that you guys love? Anything you'd recommend? It doesn't matter what genre it is or anything, just as long as it's interesting. Also, tell me what books you hate, so I can avoid those. LONG COMMENTS ENCOURAGED but not required :B
(inb4 twilight)

Sorry for posting so much all of a sudden!
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Hey, Internet! I've got a question.

Sooo, say you find this incredible artist. You love their art, you watch their gallery, you're happy. Right?
Okay, so, let me ask: is there anything that would turn you off of an artist you love, despite the fact that they still draw well? If you find out that the artist is a jerk, can't take critique, updates too much, draws almost nothing but art of a certain subject (models, romance, angst, violence, whatever)/fandom/etc, or even that they love a band (or whatever) you hate/hate a band you love, or whatever else--would you still be able to enjoy their artwork, or would their personality or habits color your views (pun intended lol)? Would this change depending on the type of artist they were, like if they drew or wrote or did music or acted etc?

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Holiday post. Don't be shy! :3
Oh yeah, a note on cards: Mom's going to try and find another P.O. box... soon, hopefully! She said they were all full the last time she checked, but she's gonna try again and stuff. Yeah. But anyway, cards are a definite yes, so if you're at all interested in getting one then hit me up at bogsworth(at)gmail(dot)com! :D Also, if you gave me your address last year then you'll have to send it again because I kind of didn't write any of them down adkjfghkh

I love this cat. I love how all its videos seem to end with it sprawled across the floor all MEHHHHHH

I have so many art projects I need to work on and I'm so lazy. :| I'll get into it, all "TODAY'S THE DAY, I'M GONNA DRAW TONS OF PICTURES AND MAKE AN AWESOME ART POST YEAH" and I'll open Photoshop, and then I'm like "Oh I should check my f-list again" and one thing leads to another until I waste an entire day doing pointless crap. DKJGFH someone smack me on AIM or something

John's flying over for Thanksgiving, yaaaayyy :D I should see if I can finish Bioshock before then, I know he'll want to talk about it.

UHH I'M NOT REALLY SURE HOW TO END THIS so here's a freaky question inspired by too many horror games this would've been better for Halloween and not the holidays, huh:
So say there's an outbreak of monsters or mutants of some sort, right, and one way or another, they manage to corner you in a room. There's no opening for you to escape. There's no one around to help you. You don't have any weapons. You're going to die.

Which is worse?
a.) The room is pitch black, so you can't see anything.
b.) The room is brightly lit, so you can see everything.

N-not even I can decide on this, so this should be interesting
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Before I go to bed, here's something I was thinkin' about in the shower:

Internet, how often do you find someone's typing habits affecting your opinion of them? I mean, there's the obvious ones where if someone speaks in near-incomprehensible chatspeak and fangirl Japanese or whatever then you avoid them like the plague, but what about smaller things like, say, what smilies they use, or whether they type in all lowercase, or if they "roleplay" while chatting (*grins*, *laughs*, *nods*, etc), or if they keyboard mash a lot.

For example, say someone used perfect grammar and never used smilies or caps or anything like that, and everything they wrote always seemed calm and thought-out. Would you think that person was intelligent, or would you think they were arrogant or unapproachable? What if someone else were to (in essence) say the exact same things that person said, only with a less serious typing style (caps, sarcastic italics/bolding, whatever). Would you think they were smarter or easier to talk to than the other person? What other quirks have an effect on you?

I'd offer my thoughts, but I don't wanna risk coloring someone else's opinion or anything, so I'll wait :V LET ME KNOW, I'VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THIS A LOT FOR SOME REASON

Edit: Oh yeah, and what about you? Are there certain smilies you refuse to use because you feel they give off a certain impression, or anything like that? IF SO, THROW THAT IN TOO
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Hey Internet, I've got another stupid question for you.

Okay, how many of you were hungry or bored (or both) and decided to try and invent your own snack, or take an already existing snack and put your own spin on it? Kinda like what Blaire and I did with Triangular Asses, or like that one time where I made a sundae using Breyers Triple Chocolate Ice Cream, honey, whipped cream, coconut shavings, chocolate chips, almonds, cinnamon, and then some green tea to drink. In that order.

Or maybe you mixed a weird drink. I've made cinnamon milk and peppermint milk. I've also mixed sodas, but I think a lot of people have done that. Good stuff, though.

Or maybe you just ate a really bizarre combination of foods, like that one time where I had chips and salsa with a side of Cheerios. And some more green tea.

Or maybe you just ate an odd, uncommon food in general, which I haven't had much experience in, though I guess I did eat some raw squid once which was pretty disgusting and I'm never going to do it again. I had to wash it down with some green tea
That, and I also ate some dog treats when I was a little kid. They weren't half bad They sucked, don't do that.

I'm sure you've done at least one, if not all of these things, right? Well, what was it, Internet? Bonus points if you share the recipe and how good it was so others can try it themselves if they feel like it or if they're like me and like doing crap like this for kicks
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Throwing this up here real quick while I'm thinking about it.

Internet, what is the main thing that you look for in a story? Three-dimensional characters? Intriguing plot? Breathtaking world/atmosphere? What is the one thing where, even if everything else about the story sucks, you'd keep following it anyway because your interest in that overshadows everything else? Just, you know, if you had to pick.

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Do you talk too much in your blog?
Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating Sites
On average, your blog posts are around 3730 words in length. This is 769 percent longer than other bloggers who took this test.

It's kind of funny, since I barely talk in real life and over IM (I'm so sorry to everyone who has IMed me I'm so boring aaaagh), but then I can just ramble on and on in this journal. I think it's because I only talk about things in here when I have something to say so I'm not just making small talk GOD LOOK, LOOK AT THIS, LOOK AT ME RAMBLING ABOUT HOW MUCH I RAMBLE I HAVE A PROBLEM

TRACE MEMORY SEQUEL CONFIRMED FOR WII I am so excited you guys. I'm considering doing a screencap adventure on the DS game once I'm done with Sanitarium, if you guys would be interested in that :D
Sanitarium should be up in a day or something, by the way. I can't believe it's already been a month since the last update, jesus. I think you guys are going to like it, though!

Man, I wasted nearly all day yesterday just watching Silent Hill videos, and as a result I now really want to do Nurse cosplay. It'd be so fun; I mean, they're cool and I've always been real fond of them and everything, but also I just think it'd be really fun to stumble around the con and creep everybody out |D I'd feel kind of weird doing it alone, though.
Haha, it'd be so great to just get a group together and all cosplay monsters from Silent Hill. ALL THE RADIOS IN THE PLACE GO OUT OF CONTROL
Speaking of Nurses and stuff, I found this awesome skit while searching for SH cosplay. Watch it; I think it just might be my favorite con skit I've seen so far. Nurse Leader is my new hero, man

So anyway, speaking of zombies (why is this whole post about zombies), I have a question for you, f-list:
What would you do if there was a zombie apocalypse?!
Assume you get infected by being bitten, and not by a disease in the air or something. WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Would you go out and fight your way through until you escaped, or hide somewhere and try to wait it out? What weapons would you use, and where would you get them? Would you try and save your friends and family and/or belongings? Would you go steal an awesome HDTV while everyone's too busy panicking to care? TELL ME I'M CURIOUS why have I been contemplating this today

man i need to e-mail john about the power cord, i keep forgetting to do that


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