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On second thought, maybe it's better to just let the drive run its course and see how it goes, and then let people make suggestions on the scheduling once it's DONE, rather than just change everything up in the middle of it. That seems awkward. I'm so awkward.

I keep feeling like I need to update this, but I don't really have anything to talk about and I haven't felt like putting together any ~goodies~ like screenshots or music or posters or other things I can use as filler for when I have nothing cool to say. Kinda fell out of drawing for a little while, trying to start that up again. I've had no confidence in my art, ugh. I just finished those catgirl drawings like two weeks ago and liked them then, but I already think they look awful. I need to actually take a real art class someday because I really have no idea what I'm doing, ever.

I could art angst further but no one gives a goshdarn hoot about that, so uhhh doodles lol (there's a posemaniacs in here) )

Oh yeah, I beat God of War a couple days ago! Hahaha, what a ridiculous game.

Why do, like, all the quests on RO have to be for high-leveled people. Speaking of which oh god I have so many screenshots, I need to do a post someday

Edit: Oh yeah, I had a dream the other night that it was the zombie apocalypse, and I just went and got a sandwich at Subway. It was 6 inches and roast beef and it had olives on it. I got some Doritos on the side.

... what.
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Man, I keep having these somewhat vivid dreams about death and injuries and stuff. Like I had this one really gross one where I had this gaping hole in my bellybutton and you could see organs and stuff... although, of course, my dreamself was just like "EHHHHH I GUESS I'LL SEE A DOCTOR... AFTER I EAT THIS SANDWICH THAT IS" so y'know.
Hahahaha but then, of course, I have this one "nightmare" where some comedian or something was whining about how the Wiimote is a ridiculous controller and the audience kept cheering, and I was sitting at a table somewhere covering my ears and yelling THE WII CAME OUT AGES AGO GET OVER IT ALREADY AAAAAAAA and then I was all annoyed when I woke up. i don't even want to know what kind of nerd that makes me

Darn, Phoenix Wright didn't get here today. I KNEW I SHOULD'VE PREORDERED AT THE STORE eh well. What can ya do. At least this gives me a chance to PLAY SOME FFIV YEEEEAAHHH

When we last left off, we ran around the Tower of Zot, fought the Magus Sisters, lost Tellah (to DEATH), got Kain back, rescued Rosa, fought Vilvalis, teleported back to Cecil's room in Baron, and found out that there are actually some more crystals out there aside from the ones we've been searching for thus far, and apparently said crystals are in the Underworld. Better go get 'em, then!

Previous episodes

does anyone want my sausage bits )

Hey, it actually didn't take me too long this time. Awesome.

Speaking of screenshots, I've been thinking of maybe doing a sort of tutorial/tip/resource post for people wanting to do screenshot adventures of their own and are just starting out and stuff :O Would anyone be interested? Is there someone else who was planning on doing the same thing and is really wanting to do it instead? Let me knooowww

Also, be sure to check out [ profile] zarla, who is doing a Space Quest I adventure, and [ profile] neutraltwin, who is doing an Illusion of Gaia adventure :D WOO
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I had some weird dream the other night that involved this guy who apparently wanted to go adventuring through some forest filled with traps, but then this other guy was like NO THERE'S TRAPS OMG so he went to go disarm them, and for some reason did so by running into them himself. And he had like all these bear traps and stuff all over him which didn't even phase him, but then he eventually gets poisoned and passes out. A little later he wakes up on the other guy's couch and the guy is like YOU RETARD DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW TO DISARM TRAPS MY GOD. And then that was kind of it. Maybe my sub-conscious is playing off of how I have this weird addiction to running into traps in video games (cough the undergroud in pokemon diamond cough), but I really have no idea. IT WAS A VERY MYSTERIOUS DREAM.

Haha, then last night I had a dream that involved Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations coming out early. Gee I wonder what that dream means

anyway it's superstar saga tiem. Finally have time to do this. Stupid reality.

Previous episodes

You should get him some ice cream. I'm sure the brainfreeze will help. )

Man, I just BARELY squeezed all those screencaps in, and there's still a lot more stuff on hold. Jesus.
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Weird dream I had the other night. )

Yesterday my mom had to go to the Minor Emergency Clinic due to chest pains and a shortage of breath. I don't want to dwell on this since she came back a few hours later with some medicine and felt fine, but it was still really unnerving when it happened. I think this is partly because when it happened just suddenly heard her knocking on Sarah's door and yelling at her to take her to the hospital because she couldn't breathe, and even though the logical side of me knew that if she couldn't breathe then she would be in a lot worse condition, the other side was still like OH MY GOD SHE CAN'T BREATHE and wound up dominating the logical side. Weird how that works. But yeah. Not fun. I'm just glad she's alright.

IN LESS SERIOUS NEWS which I almost typed as "nus" god I'm tired I FIGURED OUT THE SOUND PROBLEM AND AM CURRENTLY REJOICEING WITH GREAT AMOUNTS OF MUSIC THAT NO LONGER SOUND LIKE THE GARBLED WORD OF SATAN. I'll be sure to do a song post once I actually sort through this giant freaking pile of music I have, restore a bunch of song files I somehow managed to break due to my unbridled stupidity, and download a whole ton of music I've been wanting to for ages. It'll take a while, but I'll probably have, what... 1,000+ new songs or something? Christ.

I have too many things I need to do and I'm procrastinating on it all. MUST WORK AUFDADFGHA. And I just realized that I missed watching Ninja Warrior with Dad. There were two episodes tonight, too. Dangit.

P.S: Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads
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Weird dreams I kept forgetting to tell you guys about )

MGS is a hundred times more awesome when you're playing it with someone else :D

Halloween is THIS TUESDAY holy crap where did October go. I still don't have my costume ready, and tomorrow (or actually more like today since it's two in the freakin' morning) is going to be spent doing birthday stuff for my dad. So I pretty much just have Monday. CRAP. If all else fails I'll just grab a lab coat and mess up my hair and go as Woggum or something, but if I can somehow manage pull off a Gumshoe costume then that would be awesome. I love Gumshoe.

Speaking of Halloween, we went to some Halloween parade thing that's supposed to be this big, elaborate celebration. It was actually kind of disappointing -- 90% of the parade was just people advertising their crap and passing out fliers. I THINK THE CONCEPT OF HALLOWEEN HAS BEEN LOST ON THESE PEOPLE. Also, some fat lady in front of me kept throwing tootsie rolls at me which was kind of weird.

On the bright side, there was some guy in the audience dressed as the Grim Reaper and he had a friggin REAL LIVE BOA CONSTRICTOR OR PYTHON OR SOMETHING DRAPED OVER HIS SHOULDERS. I really wish I had brought a camera so that I could have such awesomeness forever caught on film :'< Also, someone in the parade had a wicked Edward Scissorhands costume. It was great. There was also a van disguised as a Pikachu. I think I was the oldest person in the audience who was waving stupidly at it.

Oh, and the Shriners made an appearance! There's nothing quite as refreshing as seeing a bunch of old dudes doing wheelies in dune buggies and zipping around in little go karts. One guy in particular stands out... he just came speeding up in his dune buggy, stopped, lit up a cigarette, and sped away. What a cool old man.

There was a bunch of clowns, too! I think clowns are hilarious, I don't know what everyone's problem is.

Also, Mom had to go to the ER for about five hours today. She's fine -- she just has some minor infection thingy and is taking antibiotics for it. It was still pretty nerve-wracking, though, especially since I was told to stay home so I had no idea what was going on. But at least everything's okay :D

jesus christ I need to go to bed goodnight
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I have nothing else to do so it's time for me to discuss some WEIRD DREAMS.

First one is that I was apparently being stalked and molested by Richard Simmons, and a bunch of other people were, too. So I started a club for those people, and we met up in like... it was like these obscure, dark woods in the middle of nowhere and they had these multi-colored paper lamps everywhere, and we decided that we were all going to assassinate Richard Simmons. Just as we were about to head out, I woke up. RICHARD SIMMONS APPARENTLY COMES OFF AS A CHILD MOLESTER TO MY SUB-CONSCIOUS, MAN, I DON'T KNOW

Second was that there was an action figure that was alive and wanted to kill me for some reason, and I wasn't intimidated by it at all. I picked it up and it'd try to shoot me with its little laser gun, and I'd just grab his arm and turn it in the other direction. Eventually I got bored and just started dismembering it, then I threw it in a trash can filled with newspapers, poured gas on it, threw in a match and watched the raging flames with a smug sense of satisfaction. I think this just comes from the fact that I think horror movies with killer dolls are stupid. Also that I'm a jerkface.

THIRD AND FINAL 'cause I can't remmeber any of the other ones. Okay, so like... my character Jack had a flaming gay crush on my other character Max, right. Yet, even though Max is a smart and observant person and even though Jack was dropping really obvious hints, Max was completely oblivious. So Jack was standing somewhere I forgot and talking to himself and he was like "HOOOOW CAN I GET MAX TO NOTICE MEEEEEE" and then some random little girl overheard him and came up and was like "I'll tell you the secret to winning Max's heart if you SHAVE ME" and then she tore off her clothes and jesus christ it was like chewbacca with a little girl's head. Jack started gagging and was like "OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THIS. WHAT... OH MY GOD" but nevertheless he pulled out an undercut saw (I think that's what it's called) and went to work. This scene in the dream lasted a really long time but eventually he finished with a horrible and disfiguring mental scar to boot. I think he even took out her stomach by accident at some point, but the girl was still like "GOOD WORK" and leaned in to tell him the super heart-winning secret.

The dream cut to Jack running up to Max and being like "HEY Max, so do you think that maybe we could, y'know, pretend to be a couple and we could make out or something and you could act like you enjoy it y'know just for kicks c'mon please I really need to get this out of my system." Canon-Max would have so picked up on this oh my god. He probably would've been suspicious beforehand but this would have just CONFIRMED EVERYTHING for him. Yet dream-Max is a RETARD and had NO IDEA why Jack was saying this so he was just like "lol no way man why are you asking this lol wheres the cameras" and Jack was seriously let down and disappointed. In that order. Then I woke up.

Tabbed browsing is annoying and why do I keep hearing weird noises
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Duuuuhhhh OH YEAH, so like, you guys need to hear this band called Fantastic Plastic Machine. I dunno what genre I'd call them. Lounge? Dance sort of? HMMMM. They're really good, though, and not many people seem to know about them.
Dear Mr. Salesman
Electric Lady Land
First Class '77
L'aventure Fantastique
Le Hammond Inferno
Mars Forever
Steppin' Out
Why Not
You Must Learn All Night Long

Went and saw PotC II again with Dad and I swear to god I saw these two guys with Mario and Luigi hats. Then again I wasn't wearing my glasses so I COULD VERY WELL BE WRONG but I thought it was funny nevertheless, since I was wearing my Mario hat at the time. LOSER BRIGADE.

Agh man, I had this weird nightmare last night. It was like... I was riding in a car with some person and we were driving down this street and I kept seeing corpses everywhere... except the corpses looked like me :O Which just added to the creepyness. I just remember seeing one in a river and one all curled up on a doorstep and I THINK there was one hanging from a tree but I can't remember. I started freaking out and was like OH MY GOD WHY DO THOSE LOOK LIKE ME WHY DO THOSE LOOK LIKE ME but the driver didn't respond. He just kept driving like some kind of nightmarish driving robot.

The dream after that was just stupid. It was like... I was Michelangelo, right (the turtle, not the artist), and somehow I had died. So I'm aimlessly wandering around in heaven when I see Miguel from Road to El Dorado having an episode in front of a gas station. Why there are gas stations in heaven I'll never know. Anyway I go over and I ask what's wrong, and he's like NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO and runs off leaving me very confused. Then for some reason the people in the gas station held some sort of ceremony that involved shooting me in the shoulder.

I dunnooooo
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Man, I'm all dizzy today which probably isn't a good sign.

Anyway, yesterday I went to the store wearing my Kingdom Hearts t-shirt (which I made myself by the way), and the girl at the check-out line did not stop staring at it the entire time she was ringing things up. She didn't say anything, but she just STARED INTENTLY at it. SHE STARED LIKE SOMEONE WAS HOLDING A GUN TO HER HEAD GOING STARE AT THE SHIRT STARE AT IT STARE STARE STARE and it was just sliiightly creepy. I just figured either the shirt was a success or she just wanted me. Aw yeah.

Also, I had this nightmare last night. I completely forgot most of it, but I remember that I was traumatized, separated from my family, chased by zombies, stalked, traumatized some more, and then was finally clubbed in the head and knocked out on a street covered in snakes. When I came to, guess what the first thought that came to mind was.
Just guess.
"I need to find my friends and make sure they're okay."
Not "I can't believe I'm alive" or "where am I" or "oh god why are all these horrible things happening." No, I thought about YOU GUYS and YOUR WELLBEING. So you SEE, I really do love you guys :< I REALLY DO. GROUP HUG


In a syrupy voice, the awful waffle walker tries to butter you up. )

AND THUS CONCLUDES TODAY'S EPISODE. I have the screenshots for the next one, I just need to upload them. Which I'll do! Later. I need to lay down.

Confused? Click the "Chain of Screenshots" tag for past episodes.

edit God, I just had to go back and fix EVERY SINGLE ONE of the screenshots in this because Notepad (or maybe LiveJournal, I dunno which) went retarded on me. If anything's still wonky, tell me and I'll fix it. /edit
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Man, I had a dream that I was sitting in this gay marriage store for some reason... maybe I was waiting for a friend or something, but anyway. So I'm just sitting around when N*SYNC WALKS UP WHAT WHAT WHAT SUB-CONSCIOUS WHAT

So N*Sync was all

And I said

And N*Sync went :( and walked away. After that I had some dream where my mom was being really psycho and mean for some reason, and I woke up feeling upset because of it. Then I remembered the gay marriage store dream and started laughing my BEAUTIFUL AND TINKLING geek laugh.

In other news, Mom got a job at Dillard's! We went out to eat last night to celebrate. Our waiter had a crazy look in his eye. He probably poisoned our food and we're all going to die, now.

Still though, it's cool that Mom's working there 'casue now we get discounts on all their stuff. Mom said we should go buy me some new clothes for school. Man, every time she talks about me going back to school it always seems to come as a shock. This is probably just because I've been homeschooling for two years and all, so now it's like "oh fuck now I actually have to do some work". I'm not even that worried about the social interaction part. Just schoolwork. Gaaah.

SO ANYWAY. You guys remember that post I made yesterday asking you to vote on the next screencap adventure? Well, I WAS going to do Legend of Mana, but I cannot find a ROM of it for the LIFE OF ME. Man, everyone knows about Secret of Mana, everyone's heard of Children of Mana coming out on the DS, but you just can't find anything for Legend of Mana. It's like Legend of Mana is the neglected middle child of the series or something.

So since I can't find Legend of Mana, I shall be doing...

Okay there's like That's So Raven tentacle rape on TV what )

Gah, sorry that was kind of long and boring, there. But we're finally out of Traverse Town, so we can get on with the actual game, now! Also, I probably wont make future episodes as long as this one. This one was insane. I JUST WANTED TO GET THE OPENING OUT OF THE WAY NOW SHUT UP

On a final note, I changed my profile around. Go see!
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Last night I had a dream that I was offering people crappy but overpriced commissions using mind-control ink. I'd show people "samples" of my work (scribbles), and they were all "ooooo that's beautifuuuulluhhhh" and forked over hundreds of dollars. Eventually I ruled the world.

I'll make an entry that isn't pointless, soon! Really!


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