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i'm gonna do that 30-day writing meme, except i don't actually want to do this for 30 days, so i'm just gonna answer it all at once.

this is insanely tl;dr and probably won't make a lot of sense (i swear to god i'm going to talk about my characters someday) )
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LJ WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE (yeah i know it's a few hours late blow me)

anyway, i made valentines! since i don't have a tablet, i just used some flashcards and a super cheap set of markers, and it wound up working out better than they would've digitally (aside from occasionally not having just the right shade or something). i love how these look irl, but i'm really disappointed in how the colors look after scanning. even after tweaking, i still can't get them to look accurate. just pretend that the colors in this are like 999x better and more vibrant and stuff

valentines [14] )

anyway yeah I ALMOST DON'T WANT TO SEND THESE OUT (especially since i'm paranoid that they'll just get ripped up in the mail since that keeps happening), but i guess i'm not gonna do anything with 'em! so claim one here and pm your address, i guess (yeah even people who did that before, don't save these things). i'll even throw in a special gift :)

i thought i had more to say but i am so out of it right now omg i'm passing out goodnight
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i kind of accidentally deleted one of my major music folders. it had about... 1,400 songs in it? more? i ran a file recovery thing and managed to get something like... 266 songs back. the rest of the stuff was already overwritten, so i need to just redownload it. i've made out a wanted list of all the stuff i need to get, so if anyone could just look over this and throw some .zips or .rars or sendspace links or just point me towards some torrents or just ANYTHING, then it would save me a lot of time. this is a massively long list.

here. )

i'll delete things as i get 'em. the individual tracks are preferred, since those are the biggest hassle, but i understand that that's a really tl;dr list to go through. just do what you can.
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[ profile] heydudeicons update.
also, the philippines fundraiser at [ profile] supercharitygo is still going on. go check it out.

man, i haven't felt like myself lately. i try to act normal, but it just doesn't feel right, and even the prospect of halloween hasn't been cheering me up. i dunno what's gotten into me, but i wish it'd go away so i can go back to
whatever i was before
an idiot
i dunno

i've been playing a ridiculous amount of saints row 2, which is really fun. i beat all the brotherhood missions and am currently working on the sons of samedi (who are a lot more entertaining. so much voodoo and drugs). even character creation is a load of fun. i thought about making martha stewart or paul reubens, but then i went down a more animu path instead it's hilarious don't judge me goddammit
i put him in a bra and a thong and fishnet stockings and high heels

real life stuff: my step-grandma has breast cancer. they found it really early, though, so it's very likely that she'll pull through just fine. tryin' to think of stuff to bring for thanksgiving, since she's not going to do any cooking. i guess i could make cookies? it's about the only thing i know how to make aside from pasta, which isn't exactly thanksgiving food to my knowledge

also, we've possibly sold our old house. it's been on the market for about five years, just draining us of money and making us clean up after loads of shitty tennants. i'm trying to avoid getting my hopes up since nothing's final right now, but god i hope these people buy it. it would free us up so much.

uhhh nothing else is coming to mind, so, question: am i intimidating/difficult to approach? this is completely unrelated to the rest of the post, so don't think people are coming down on me or anything, but it's just something i've wondered from time to time. be honest, anon's fine, etc.
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Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
why did i do 100. )

I SO HAD SOMETHIGN ESLE TO SAY A ND I FORGOT gonang haunt foreverv godi need to selp

oh yeah, i changed myy progifle for the first time in.. a lot of time


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