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Hey, don't forget about [ profile] supercharitygo! We're already halfway through the month, sooo go put up your thread/donate/pimp/etc. I'm sort of thinking of extending the donation period through June, since now that I think about it, cutting it off at the end of May seems goofy. I DUNNO I'll have to ask everyone or something

I'm having these really bizarre computer problems, in that certain sites/things I do will just start spamming ads. I've been trying to just tough it out until this freakin' support forum responds (it's been a week, dammit), but the last couple of times I tried logging into the SCG mod account my browser just gets so bogged down that it stops responding. I was able to log in yesterday to update Current Commissions and there weren't any ads, but in its place was ridiculous lagging. It all goes back to normal when I log in this account, though. I dunno what the problem is. Spyware/virus scans pick things up, but they just come back. Things are still functional, at least, so it's not this horrible emergency or anything, but man do I wish these people would reply



I'm amazed Suda51 doesn't have a bigger following, because from what I've played (the... two games that I've played, shut up), his games are really unique and awesome. It's weird, it's like... K7 and NMH are so completely outlandish, but they have these moments every now and then that are genuinely eerie, or even moving. They'll just throw all these bizarre characters at you and then show you a glimpse of something more human and it's like I don't even know what to think anymore, bro
But yeah, K7 had a much more serious tone to it (some parts were just disturbing, actually. Curtis and Pedro, goddamn), and was chock-full of interesting symbolism and psychological stuff. The plot is really complex and difficult to piece together at points, since a lot of it is told through these strange ghosts who can't seem to think in a straight line; I had to read a plot analysis later to get a lot of stuff. Or maybe I'm just a moron. EITHER WAY, it's really amazing, severely underloved, and definitely something I would recommend. I'd do a big rambling spoiler post, but I'm lazy and forgot everything I wanted to mention. I'M JUST GONNA DO SOME FANART

I've been getting too lazy to eat, lately. I'll be hungry, but the physical act of eating is like... tiring or something. What the hell.

So anyway are these the faces people make when they're looking at penises


Nov. 5th, 2005 06:22 pm
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Wow, I come from such a weird family XD

Well, yesterday my dad's co-workers bought him a birthday cake (even though his birthday was, like, last week) and my dad rode his motorcycle to work that day so he couldn't take it home. I guess he forgot about it or something, because he decided to go back later... as in, like, 11 PM or so later. Mom and I decide to tag along, since we didn't have anything else to do.

So we get there, when dad realizes that he forgot his employee card. He had a key with him, though... and we were running low on gas... and we were just bored. So he goes over and tries to get in with his key. Success! ...sort of. The security alarm starts going off, and dad starts trying to punch in numbers in the alarm box to shut it off, but he can't remember the right code. We get freaked out and drive off to a.) get some gas and b.) go back home to get dad's employee card.

Dad gets his card and we start drive back to the office, when suddenly we see that there's HOLY CRAP TWO COP CARS PARKED OUTSIDE.

Dad: Oh my GOD. *keeps driving*
Me: *laughing* "Officer, I just wanted some cake!" "Yeah, well it's PUNKS like you who make our streets unsafe to walk at night!"

XD Dad doesn't think they have any hidden cameras or anything (Dad: THEY CAN'T PIN NOTHIN' ON ME) so we're pretty sure he's in the clear. I just think it's hilarious that this started because we had nothing to do and wanted some cake. It reminded me of like... kids who are bored at camp so they shoot each other in the balls with a BB Gun or something.

And I called tech support last night... well, no, actually mom called them and FORCED me to talk to them, but nevertheless Sarah was too big of a wuss to call them about her internet problem (even though she's more tech savvy than I am) so I talked with them. 'Turns out that there's something wrong with her adapter, because the tech support guys didn't know what was up and we tried her's on my computer and it didn't work. So, yay, I'm glad we got that cleared up 'cause, like... I got the same guy with the heavy accent who kept getting all mad when I had trouble understanding what he was saying. XD; Gaah

Last night I was wide awake, and then I looked at the clock and it was like "IT'S 5 AM :DDD" and I was all like "OH MY GOD" so I tried to go to sleep... and ended up staying awake until about 6. Then I sat by the window and watched the sunrise and all of that sappy stuff and then I went to sleep... only to be awaken at 9 AM by HAMMERING AND POWER TOOLS AND KLFDGJ.

...but god knows that it's near impossible to wake me up, so I just rolled over and went back to sleep. Then the same thing woke me up later and I went back to sleep again (and I had this weirdass dream that everyone was a dinosaur, everyone was named "Patrick" and we put on a musical for someone's funeral) and this went on until it was like 3 PM HOLY CRAP so I finally just woke up. XDD; 'Turns out my parents finally called someone to come over and fix our half-bathroom since the roof was leaking and such. And I think that those dudes are gonna come back later and repair our ENTIRE roof... or something like that!

And then mom and I drove around and went to Reasor's and ldklgejrt boring stuff.

The end :D


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