Dec. 29th, 2009

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fuckin' amazing

anyway yeah i can type now, so yeah i hope everyone liked their gifts. sorry they were so rushed! i just wasn't really feeling it this year. like i mentioned, i'm probably not going to do the whole big christmas bonanza anymore; will probably just stick to cards from now on haha.

i had an AWESOME gift haul this year. i got a laptop!! i am still so psyched about it
i might have to exchange it though because the speakers are acting really weird (random, loud buzzing and such during songs, which apparently means something got jostled loose), and it also can't stay connected to wifi (keeps saying something about its adapter not working). apparently geek squad was going on and on to mom and sarah about how they mess with all the laptops before they send them out so they probably screwed something up
but yeah I'M SO HAPPY IT'S LIKE 50X BETTER THAN MY DESKTOP HAHA and already got all my spazzing out over twitter so everyone here is spared

also got an xbox 360 adapter from john, so my xbox is hooked to the internet! my s/n is Chump Slamchest so everyone add me
SPEAKING OF SCREENNAMES did i ever say my ro names?? i'm Mr. Saturn, Romano, and Furious Magician. i'm on furious a lot nowadays since he's fun to level, so. try pming me in valk sometime or something! WILL I RESPOND? POSSIBLY! (people on twitter probably have a leg up here)
also i have SO MANY SCREENSHOTS DATING BACK TO LIKE 2007 i need to post them

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