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So I was poking through the Let's Play archives today, and seeing all those people banding together and taking the time to go through all those games and share them with people just touched me. Right there. And the more I read through the archives and chuckled at the commentary, the more they began to warm my black, shrivled heart. I was inspired by their efforts, I was. Inspired to finally get off my ass, sit back down, and start working on the next big slew of screenshots.

My friends, I present to you...

Final Fantasy IV!

"WHY DOX, SURELY YOU HAVE GONE MAD" you gasp, spilling wine on your shirt like a SLOB. "THAT LOGO CLEARLY SAYS II!"

Ha ha. Ah, yes. You see, Square released the first FF game into America, but then skipped II and III for whatever reason. They decided to release IV, but since America only had I, they decided to call it II instead of IV. They then continued this when they skipped V and released VI, which they called III. But, of course, once they get to the PSX games they just start calling them VII, VIII, and so on. Personally, I just refer to the old games by their Japanese names, since that's easier for me and is also widely accepted within the FF community. I still run into confusion sometimes, though.

Anyway! I chose this game for a number of reasons. See, this is an extremely sentimental game for me, to the point where it's actually kind of ridiculous. Just... here, let me explain via a

Okay, I don't know if you can tell, but I haven't slept :B I'll try and explain this as well and as coherently as I can without sounding like TOO big of a tard, though.

Well... when I was growing up, we used to have the good ol' SNES hooked up in the living room, as well as a fairly large stockpile of games. I'm not sure who picked them out. Probably my brother. I still remember how everyone would gather around and play it. It may have been the first console I ever played, but I can't remember. I'm getting ahead of myself, though.

But see, even though we had a pretty hefty collection of games, all we had were things like side-scrollers, fighting games, racing games, that sort of thing. Things like Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Earthbound, Super Mario RPG -- those were all things I discovered a lot later. FFIV was the only RPG we had (well, there was Link to the Past, but that was a liiiiiiiittle more action/adventure than RPG, and plus it came out after FFIV. so nyeh), thus making it my first RPG ever. My first RPG ever on my first console ever. Starting to see a trend?

Anyway, the concept of video games actually having a PLOT was alluring to me. But here's the problem: I was so young when I first discovered FFIV that I still didn't know how to read. I could get through the first part okay since that was pretty linear, but I'd get lost once you're supposed to get the Sand Ruby for Rosa, since I couldn't read the directions. So that was kind of where I'd leave off... I can't remember if I ever actually got any further than that just from wandering around, but if I did, I just got lost again. I remember replaying the first part over and over and then just goofing off and riding chocobos all over the place since that was about all I knew how to do. Plus I really liked the chocobo music. DOOOO DOODOO DOODOO DOODOO DOO DOO DOOOOOOOOOO

What was I-- RIGHT! Reading. So. I learned how to read. I mostly taught myself, I think, though I did get some help. Once I was confident in my reading skills, I confronted the game once again!
...buuuuuuuut unfortunately, the translation was so confusing that my small toddler brain, still on the Little Golden Books level of literacy, couldn't quite process it. I may have gotten a little further, I can't remember, but I still would just get lost. Frustrated, I put it down and didn't come back to it until several years later, which is when I finally beat it. TAKE THAT, FFIV

But I just... remember watching my brother and sister play it, and playing the special Final Fantasy Chronicles release and giggling whenever they'd curse ("CECIL JUST SAID 'DAMN' HEE HEE HEE"), and I don't know if I'm even really clearly conveying my thoughts. WHAT I'M BASICALLY TRYING TO SAY HERE IS "I'M GAY FOR FINAL FANTASY"

Anyway, enough of that. Let us begin.

Oh, 1991. You were a good year. Not that I actually remember since I was a baby at the time, but
Prologue plays, here. Classic FF theme.
edit I MEAN THE PRELUDE. THE PRELUDE PLAYS HERE. I blame lack of sleep for that mistake./edit

Let's DOOOOO THIIIIS. I've seen this scene so many times.
Oh, right! Red Wings plays here. Very powerful, triumphant-sounding kind of music. Or something. I dunno lol
The orchestrated version is pretty awesome, too.

I swear, the graphics don't actually look that crappy. It's just ZSNES's screenshot resizing compression mabobber, coupled with the moving Mode 7 graphics, which were actually pretty new at the time. I'm too tired to explain it in a less "drunken guy in the midst of babbling aimlessly and falling asleep"-esque manner. That was a lovely mental image. I should make meditation CDs.

and some other people, who cares about them

This game isn't really known for its riveting dialogue, just to warn you.
Also, I dunno what that line in the text box is all about, but it was there in both this and the other (corrupted) ROM I had before this. I'll see if I can fix it later, but you guys are just gonna have to put up with it for now :O

Also, you might wanna get used to the BUT WHY DO WE HAVE TO DO THIS WE ROBBED INNOCENT PEOPLE OMG WHY CECIL OMG OMG lines, since they're going to be repeated about fifty billion times before the issue finally drops.


Oh, it was just a flashback.

Haha, not the most distinguished way to go, there. WAAAAHHHHH

White Wizard just sounds angry. I'd be angry, too, if I spent my life training to become a specialist in white magic and a guardian for the Crystal of Water, only to fall victim to meaningless slaughter, preformed only to underscore how terrible and evil the main character is because he killed innocent people and took their stuff. I'm making no sense right now, wow.

In the elder's defence, if a group of guys came barging into my temple and were like HAND OVER THE CRYSTAL RIGHT NOW CHOP CHOP I'd probably be a little hesitant to give it to them, as well.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, but the screen does this little flash whenever one of the GOOD GUYZ gets hit by those terrible Red Wings. Those terrible, terrible Red Wings. They should be ashamed.

Cecil: angst

Says the crew, who just helped rob an old guy and some wizards a few minutes ago.

They knew too much about their crystal, so the king decides to just take it from them and keep it all to himself. Yeeeeah


Heh, that was fast.
Also, "FireBomb" is actually supposed to be called "Red Fang," but it got changed in the American version due to Nintendo's stupidly strict censorship. They wanted the item names to reflect what they did instead of have those crazy names and all, so they changed them. This includes changing "potion" to "cure," "phoenix down" to "life," "remedy" to "heal," blah blah blah. Not to mention how they removed anything that might be remotely offensive, like the word "blood" and (direct?) references to death. They even changed Rosa's "Holy" spell to "White," because Holy sounded all religious and it might offend someone. Give me a break, Nintendo. They even got letters from parents (and gamers, of course), criticizing them and saying they were just setting themselves up to be censors. Maybe this is why people whine about Nintendo being "kiddy"? Then again, a lot of the people who say that don't actually know about this little tidbit of gaming history and are just complaining because the graphics in Nintendo games are too colorful and the characters aren't edgy enough or something.

Okay, getting off topic. GOTTA FOCUS.

I think that little "ouch!" from the wounded crew member is hilarious. SUCH A DRAMATIC SCENE

Pretty sure this is supposed to be "Blue Fang."

I imagine "TOO MANY AGREEEEED" being said in this really funny voice and I don't know why.

So many black screens. And I took screenshots of all of them, so you get to admire each and every one of those unique little snowflakes :>

Kingdom Baron! One of my favorite songs in the game, and the one that tends to bring back the most memories 8D

Hahahahah, just sort of blurts that out of nowhere.



There's that wily old king. Probably trying to figure out where/who he should senselessly attack next.

"Well done"? What did Baigan do? All he did was just gossip about how Cecil thinks he's this big hotshot rebel because he said the Mysidians were helpless. Whatever, King.

"YES YOUR MAAAAAAJESTY~" Baigan gushes, basking in the glow of His Majesty's commendation as he proudly strides to the door.


The text box has a gun and it's not afraid to use it. *badum-ching*

I guess the king's earlier statement about how he was gonna "do something" about Cecil's "rebellious air" was all just for show, then.

I didn't capture it, but Baigan and the king both spun around spastically before saying these lines. It's actually very common for characters in this game to spin around for no reason, usually while jumping about ten feet into the air. I'm not entirely sure what the spinning is supposed to indicate. ANGER? HAPPINESS? DEPRESSION?

Or he does now, anyway, since Cecil actually told him about it. Also, gotta love the "disobeying me?" "no, I don't" exchange. Amazing, this game.


Suspicion chimes in at around this point, giving this scene an extra bit of oomph. It works! For me, anyway.

"Now clean your room and do your homework!"

KAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNN wtf why does it smell like Coke in here. wtf. what is that. maybe I'm about to die or something.

anyway KAAAAAAAIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNN he's always been my favorite character :D Secret: I used to pair Cecil and Kain together when I was little. No, really. This is Baby's First OTP you're looking at, here. I still like it, actually, and seeing stuff for it makes me happy like no other. Sadly, it doesn't have much support :O

He's on a roll, now, even though Kain didn't even really do anything that merits being sent out into the wilderness to do battle with hoards of bloodthirsty beasts just to deliver a little package. I guess the king is just in a bad mood right now, the weight of the world is on his shoulders, and just wants them both gone so he can write in his secret diary in peace. It's okay, King. I understand.

So what, I guess it really was just a spur of the moment thing during a temper tantrum?


"Uhhh, Kain?"

"Kain, you're kind of... I don't know what you're--"

"...alright. See ya. I guess. freeeeeeak"

Talk about him like what? I mean, this guy wasn't there when the king kicked everyone out. Does he mean Kain telling Cecil that the king would put him back in the Red Wings after the mission? JUST... I DON'T KNOW, MAN

Good to know, even though the path is encased in mountains so it's kind of straightforward.


god i'm so tired


Why thank you, random NPC!

Your secret is safe with meeeeeeeeeeeeee


She didn't become a White Wizard, she became White Wizard. There's a difference, see.


I hate you, Square.

I wonder if all this talk of evil and strange things is foreshadowing? Hmmmmmmm


dfgadfg square


Pffff. Never cared about Rosa that much.


wink wink lol omg

Movin' along.

God Cid just take forever why don't you. Uhhhhh I think Cid's theme might play here, but I really don't know for sure. Probably not, now that I think about it. IT COMES UP AT SOME POINT JUST TAKE IT IT SAVES ME THE TROUBLE LATER ON

Wow, I didn't know Cid was psychic! He should open up a business. CRAZY CID'S PSYCHIC HOTLINE what am i talking about

"I never would've guessed my airships I built for the army would be used in wars! :<"


ANYWAY, talkin' to some sick and/or wounded guys in bed. Or at least I think they're sick and/or wounded. That's what I've always assumed. For some reason. Leave me alone.



Well, that's not too bad. You can just pick some more up at Hobby Lobby or something. Hyuk hyuk hyuk


The only reason this screen even exists is so Cid can make his dramatic entrance. Unless there's something here later and I just forgot.


Well, that was fun. Time to go up this stairway, which is just sitting all alone in the middle of the room for some reason.

It looks perfectly light outside to me, but WHATEVERRRR

Just some random room, not Cecil's or anything

Heh, gotta love how he doesn't even take off his armor or anything. Kind of reminds me of how I always just flop into bed wearing whatever I'm wearing at the moment. Kind of reminds me of how I wish I could do that right now. Just a little while longer :<

The clock starts ticking during this sequence, too, since it apparently only ticks at night. I'm feeling nitpicky, today.

And then he just lays back down. I like the idea of Cecil randomly jolting out of his sleep and being like "*SNRK* I'LL NEVER STEAL FROM INNOCENT PEOPLE AGAIN THE KING... THE KING CAN JUST... just..." and then just slooooooowly drifting back off.

Suddenly bursts in shrieking at him while the poor guy is trying to sleep. The clock stops ticking, too.

CUE THEME OF LOVE (the orchestrated version isn't too shabby, either).

Right, so we have Rosa acting defiant...

Rosa acting clingy...

...aaaaaaand Rosa suddenly chirping out a goodbye and fluttering out of the room. God, it's like playing Super Princess Peach. Except I never played that game, so :B.


Prologue plays here.


Phew. Thought the Heroic March of Package-Delivering would be delayed, for a minute.

This image has been burned into my skull forever.

And, for some reason, this little nugget of history randomly gets shoved into the whole sequence. "Cecil and Kain are going to Mist. BY THE WAY, AIRSHIPS HAD BEEN A DREAM OF MANY PEOPLE"

The question hangs for a moment as we anxiously scoot to the edge of our seats, waiting for more.

The scrolling text ends here, and I take my chance to scurry off and make some oatmeal, which I'm eating right now. Mmmm.

Main Theme, AKA the world map theme. When you're walking, anyway. We see that Cecil is about as big as the castle and the completely identical towns beside it. Wow.

Welcome to Our Town, another song that gets me all nostalgic. It's just so home-y :>

I guess now there's only one red wing. I'm not even going to get into why he randomly tacked on that information at the end, and why he would think Cecil would need it in the first place. I SENSE A SPY AMONG US

Maybe for you, but not for an allstar player like myself. Ahurr hurr hurr.
I did go and check it out, but I didn't screencap everything everyone said, for your sakes. Just stuff I wanted to comment on.

This gave me this little giddy knot in my chest. I REMEMBER WHEN JOHN AND SARAH AND I EACH HAD OUR OWN SAVE STATES

He really IS everywhere, actually

I used to always pick Kain 8B

I don't know, I just think the Engrish here is adorable. Monster of fire is weak against coldness! Hee hee. Suddenly, I am reminded of how friggin cold it is in this room.

Ahh, good ol' Namingway. I used to always think your field sprite was wearing a sombrero.

You can only imagine the outrageous hijinx to be had here, but I decided to be all TRADITSHUNULL and stick with the original names. MAYBE THAT'LL CHANGE, WHO KNOWS

Back in my day, you could only buy things in groups of one or ten! None of this fancy number-choosing business, no sir!

This pops up every time you buy something, which is annoying. SHUT UP ALREADY

Oh yeah, almost forgot to show you guys the character portraits. What a tragedy that would've been. Kain's portrait reminds me of something and I'm not sure what :V I guess he sooooort of looks like the fighter guys in Smash TV... particularly when one of the guys loses in one of the bonus points things and he puts his hands on his hips and makes an angry face that doesn't actually look like an angry face at all, but actually more like a mildly pettish face. Maybe that's it. Either that or Batman.

Haha, back when you could change the color of your text boxes and stuff.

just like THIS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA this actually gives me spots in my vision whenever I look at it. I wonder if anyone out there actually chose this as their box color.




well she kind of throws herself at me, so that's kind of hard

Some music starts playing at this point, but I don't think I have it. Darn.

She jumps around a lot more than this, the little lunatic, but I decided to spare you all the details. I used to watch these sequences over and over when I was little :B Got a kick out of them.

Funnily, each bookcase only has one title. I guess Cid either buys a whole bunch of the same book, or he's just crazy and buys a bookcase for every book he gets. I don't know. Someone should write a fanfiction on this and clear it up for us.

Aaaand I guess I didn't check the shelf next to his bed. Or there was nothing there. So confused :(

Good to know.

Oh yeah, you can sometimes find items hidden in pots, and I think shelves and stuff. I think this, coupled with the fact that they do the same thing in Pokemon (and various other games, but Pokemon stands out the most), spawned my obsessive compulsive habit of religiously checking every single bookshelf, trash can, pot, bag, toilet, cabinet, dresser, box, and everything else you can think of for items. IT ALL STARTED HERE.


I WANTED TO BE A DANCER YOU FOOL also lol spent all my money on items, forgetting that the random junk you find in treasure chests and pots and crap will be more than sufficient.

Yeah, I'd sure feel at home in an inn that has a skull and torches hanging on the wall. And also a place that apparently doesn't have any private rooms and just throws everyone into some random bed-filled room that doesn't have any doors or anything. Seriously, anyone could just walk in and mess with you in your sleep. I wonder how many bad lemon fics have spawned from this.

Cecil does what everyone whose ever lived has done and steals stuff from hotels.

Except he's not actually selling anything, so this line just sounds ridiculous. I WANTED FREE STUFF

Those who have played FFIV know what this circle is :>

CHOCOBO'S FOREEEEEEESSSSSST i don't have the music for this one, either. Argh.
I used to spend so much time hanging around Chocobo's Forest and riding chocobos everywhere :B

I'd also bug the white chocobo over and over, heh.

:D :D :D
Chocobo Chocobo plays, which I used to love. I used to leave the game on just so I could listen to it. I am a giant loser.

I also loved how they walked, heh. waddle waddle


Farewell, chocobo! I'm not sure how you're gliding across those mountains right now!

I can't imagine why it would be called such a thing. Into the Darkness plays here.

After a bit of walking...



Oh, it was just a random battle. Phew.
Kain's Jump ability (that was almost "Hump." wow.) is where he leaps into the air, then comes flying back down a turn later and bounces off the enemy, dealing a lot of damage. It isn't really needed in regular battles, though.
The Imps have always reminded me of Link.
Oh yeah! Battle music. Yet another song from this game that brings back tons of memories. I remember when I was... maybe eight or nine, but I was browsing and I came across the section for FFIV. Listening to the .midis -- especially this one -- actually made me get a little teary-eyed with joy. I also remember showing them to Mom and stuff, heh. memorieeeeeees

Whenever you win a battle, the characters start pumping their arms in the air victoriously. I don't know why I've always found this funny.
Fanfare. This song has carried on for so long, it's hard to imagine an FF game without it. Though I think X-2 had a different song. I can't remember. But heh, I remember watching my brother play FFX for the first time, and us being all surprised when this theme started up. It was just sort of a nice nod to the older games among all the new stuff. Someone downstairs is smacking on their food and I can hear it all the way up here. Argh.

That's some big freakin' larva.

Sometimes monsters will drop stuff, which you have the choice to take or not. Most of the time this is a no-brainer, though later you can run into some issues with your inventory being too full to take everything, so it's actually a pretty handy little device. If only Pokemon Diamond/Pearl had borrowed from this and let you decide which treasure to take and leave in the Underground. SORRY YOUR BAG IS TOO FULL TO TAKE THIS INCREDIBLY RARE ITEM BUT HAVE THIS BLUE SPHERE 1 INSTEAD arghgfhsh

Wingeyes :<

Apparently not the most memorable event.

I've always thought those rocks looked like trash sacks.


I think if you choose "no" then Cecil just walks a short distance away and you can go back and say yes whenever you're ready. What a considerate monster.

Uh oh here it comes

It's getting closer.




Aaaaaaand boss battle, complete with boss battle music. I've always loved this song. :D
Anyway, Dragon Mist or whatever it's supposed to be called isn't hard at all. Just have Kain jump and Cecil attack. No problem.

About the only place you can run into problems is here, since if you attack when the dragon has turned to mist (I thought it already WAS made of mist?), then it'll automatically counter with ColdMist, which can do around 30 damage to both Cecil and Kain. Even that isn't too terrible.



And we're free to go. Hooray!

Aaaand I'm just gonna leave off there, because I'm having size limit troubles. WHAT AWAITS OUR HEROES IN MIST? FIND OUT NEXT TIME!

Wow, this took way too long to make. Jesus. At least I can go to bed, now :B

Date: 2007-09-24 05:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I like the fact where they stress that INNOCENT PEOPLE had their crystal stolen, instead of just people. People are just too mundane and not-innocent, I guess.

I always name my characters in games like this HERO, especially games like Link where they'll religiously call you one. " We need to you get back our crystal, HERO! " Scenes are always the best.

Date: 2007-09-24 05:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
* Zelda I mean, but you get it.

Date: 2007-09-24 09:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
YEAH those people could be part-time hookers or something you never know

I tend to be boring and just go with everyone's original names, or I'll just be lame and go with Dox or Sev 8B Sometimes I'll go crazy, though. Particularly in Pokemon.

Date: 2007-09-24 10:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I say that's just a precaution in case your siblings take a look at your characters and snort at you.

Date: 2007-09-25 01:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wheeeeee :D :D

Also, you might wanna get used to the BUT WHY DO WE HAVE TO DO THIS WE ROBBED INNOCENT PEOPLE OMG WHY CECIL OMG OMG lines, since they're going to be repeated about fifty billion times before the issue finally drops.

XD Well I guess it's the kind of thing that could prey on someone's mind a little.

...Haha, oh wow, you know what Red Wings reminds me of? Dun dun DUN dun-dun DUN dun-dun DUN (! :B

HEY it's Black Mage and White Ma... oh, right. :B

preformed only to underscore how terrible and evil the main character is because he killed innocent people and took their stuff. I'm making no sense right now, wow.

Well no wonder Red Wings sounds like that. :B

"Why do you pursue the crystals so eagerly?"

They wanted the item names to reflect what they did instead of have those crazy names and all, so they changed them.

:X But, but... :X Maybe it's fun to have crazy names for stuff!

"YES YOUR MAAAAAAJESTY~" Baigan gushes, basking in the glow of His Majesty's commendation as he proudly strides to the door.

Hhahaahhahhasld f;

Why thank you, random NPC!

"Nah, I'm not a guard. I'm just here to help myself to the vaults. But hey, plenty for all!"

Hmmm. So with all these people saying the king's acting WEIRD lately, I'm guessing he's possessed, or has made some kind of demonic bargain or something. Or that's not really the king but an imposter! Or he's just become obsessed with the crystals for some reason and it's making him evil.

Haha, those little "stairs" squares. :D Just like in Zelda!

"Yeah. Later."


"Please don't look away... I'M TAKING MY SHIRT OFF LOOK" wait

Love that pause between "Don't worry. Kain is coming, too," and the next bit. Like, "Don't worry, he'll keep me company! :D"

And, mercifully, the scene ends and we're treated to a new one, complete with overly-dramatic music. Finally, things are picking up!

The prologue again? :O

Ooooo, I like the main theme. :D

Oh yeah, almost forgot to show you guys the character portraits. What a tragedy that would've been. Kain's portrait reminds me of something and I'm not sure what :V

Oh, yeah, they look much more badass here. :D

Seriously, anyone could just walk in and mess with you in your sleep. I wonder how many bad lemon fics have spawned from this.

...I bet a bunch. XD

Cecil does what everyone whose ever lived has done and steals stuff from hotels.

Hahahaha, did he really take the swords from the wall?

That is some seriously happy music there. :D

Oh, cool, so you can actually go in the river and stuff? What about the ocean/lake there?

HEY I recognize Fanfare! It sounds really familiar... :O Probably from a remix or something. ...wait, actually I think it sounds like something in Earthbound. :O Maybe... Fourside? :O No, that's not it... now this is gonna bug me until I figure it out. :O

Date: 2007-09-25 05:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
TRUE I just like poking fun at it 8B

HEY IT DOES KIND OF SOUND LIKE THE IMPERIAL MARCH I NEVER NOTICED THAT :O Now whenever I hear that song I'm just gonna think of Darth Vader.

YEAH, GOD, MAYBE I LIKE HAVING MY POTIONS BE CALLED POTIONS |< And I always get "Cure" and "Heal" mixed up because I just think of how in Ragnarok Online, acolytes have a spell called Heal which heals HP, and one called Cure which cures status ailments. That, coupled with the fact that those names would really make more sense when you think about it, kind of turns me around sometimes. IT'S ANNOYING grah

PERHAAAAAAAPPPPSSS. Kind of makes me wonder how the king was before all this "acting strange" nonsense.

8D YUP. I have a soft spot for those kinds of stairs.

YES XD If only the sprites had expressions so we could see her's when he says that.

Hahaha yeah, I accidentally put The Prologue in place of The Prelude for the title screen music. Just noticed that earlier today :B DURRRRR. Here's the actual title screen theme. (

Yeah, I remember actually being kind of surprised when I first saw their portraits :O Their field sprites look so different! Plus Cecil's helmet covers his entire face in the portrait, which kind of threw me off at first.

NOPE he took the stuff in that room 8D The swords open a secret passage-type thing.

You can on a chocobo, can't remember if you can on foot. I don't think so :O And you can only go in shallow water, even with a chocobo.

Hmmmmmmm, it's possible you've heard it before, it's pretty popular :O I can't think of any Earthbound songs that sound like it, though. HMMMMMM

Date: 2007-09-25 05:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
YEP who doesn't like poking fun? :D

HEY IT DOES KIND OF SOUND LIKE THE IMPERIAL MARCH I NEVER NOTICED THAT :O Now whenever I hear that song I'm just gonna think of Darth Vader.


because I just think of how in Ragnarok Online, acolytes have a spell called Heal which heals HP, and one called Cure which cures status ailments.

Wait, so in FFIV, they changed the names to things that didn't really represent what they did? lolwut

THAT MEANS YES RIGHT :B yeah, I do kind of. But presumably less evil. :O

8D YUP. I have a soft spot for those kinds of stairs.

Me too! It's like, oooo, maybe there's an old man down there who'll yell at me for burning his bush down! :B

Oh okay. *looks at name* Haha, yeah, I can see how those would get mixed up. XD Wheeee *downloads* Pretty!

*nod* And his face is definitely visible in the side shots... I guess he just has his visor up in those. :O I mean, it wouldn't really make sense to have it down all the time since then it'd be harder to see.

Oh nifty! :D So, given the sort of top-down view you have, can you see the secret room before you open it?

*nod* Oh, well... I was just sort of enjoying the idea that a small river wouldn't be an insurpassable barrier. :B Although I guess given the scale it's probably a lot wider than it looks, and they are wearing plate armor.

I'm thinking of listening through my entire little Earthbound collection for it now. :B At least that way if it's not in there, I'll know. You know?
Oh, yeah, here it is. Tango of Tears, FFVII (, which according to my organizational system I got from Zarla sometime last December. :B So that was probably what I was remembering. I still kind of feel like listening through the Earthbound ones, though, to see...

Date: 2007-09-25 08:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I DUNNO it's a very dumb situation, really XD Good thing they put everything back, later.

That, and I'm sure lack of sleep didn't help :B Thank you, insomnia!

Yeeeeah :O It's also kind of visible on the battlefield, though. Whatever, Cecil.

Yup! Though it's already open in that shot. WOOOO

Haha, he CAN wade around in dungeons and stuff, though that's about the extent of his swimming abilities :B

Whoa, I just burned a FF7 "OST" today :O Weird.
ANYWAY yeah, that might be it! Though if you do decide to look through your Earthbound music then lemme know if you find it. I'm all curious, now :O

Date: 2007-09-26 02:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Haha, yeah. Just what every command-guy needs, a highly visible symbol to say, "Shoot at me, I'm in charge!" or something.

Well, that's something. :B Especially since him being able to actually swim wouldn't be all that realistic/defensible.


Date: 2007-09-25 03:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Commenting from my Wii. :D

Anyway, old skool nostalgia yay. :D

Date: 2007-09-25 08:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Unless we're talking the kind of stuff the Angry Video Game Nerd ( rants on, that is, because man I hate those games >(


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