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You know what sucks?

It sucks when your parents ask you if you want to go for a walk, and you reply with "Maybe in a second" since you just woke up, but then they go ahead and leave without you so you scramble all over the place, put on pants, start to go out the front door and decide to go out the back, double back for the bathroom, then finally burst outside and run three blocks in 80-90° weather with the sun bearing down on you, while wearing a long t-shirt and pants (both dark), AND while wearing sandals since you knew that if you wasted more time by tying your shoes then you'd never catch up...
... and then once you do they're just sort of like "oh look who's here lol" and proceed to walk up a gigantic hill without stopping, and then just go "you're fine, whatever" when you ask to take a different route so you don't have to climb up another steep hill at the end of the walk.
In retrospect, it was probably stupid to not put on tennis shoes, since now my ankles hurt like a mother. OW, WALKING

Man, my dad is sixty, now. That's so hard to believe. Jeez, and John's gonna be thirty in a little while. Everyone's getting old
Speaking of family, I love my sister dearly, she's a good person, smart, I think she's super, but every time she talks about gender I just... gaaaah. She seems to think that men should act like men and women should act like women and if you act like anything else then you're weird, gay or both, and considering I have a really boyish personality and little to no interest in stereotypical "girly" things, that can get... a little offensive. Tonight she was describing some guy on TV who was transgender, and she said "transgender" with air quotes and went on about the guy in this condescending tone of voice and finished with "Uh. Yeah." like she just finished describing some convoluted b-movie plot about giant lizards from Mars or something. I can't even go clothes shopping with her because she has to put so much emphasis on how THIS ONE IS REALLY FEMININE, WHICH IS GOOD, AND I KNOW YOU DON'T LIKE TO THINK IT IS, BUT YOU ARE A GIRL, and auhdfgkhjad no, I honestly do not feel comfortable wearing really girly things, it's not who I am, I'm going to buy this baggy t-shirt and cargo pants now

Beat RE4, as well as Separate Ways and Assignment Ada. Might play through it again since it's short and unlocked things intrigue me. The Mercenaries is pretty fun, but man do I ever hate that Dr. Salvador-type guy. It'd be fine if it was just a normal Dr. Salvador or if there was only one per level, but instead there's a bunch and they're on freakin' speed and have to flail their chainsaws all over the place and I tell ya man, they're total godmoders
Also fffffffffff Regenerators. It's not really fighting them that scares me, it's just... everything else. Their battle music, their breathing, the way they move, the way their waist/legs stumble for a moment after you blow up their torso, their locations (seriously, was it just me or did all the Regenerator spots have the creepiest atmospheres in the whole game adfgj).

I've been working on going through all my old entries and f-locking/privating the embarrassing ones, and also going through old screencap adventures and tweaking the commentary slightly. I MUST HIDE EVERYTHING FROM MY PAST. Of course, I'll probably look at these entries in a few years and be like GOD I WAS SO STUPID, soooo

owww my ribs. I should really get them checked, they've been bothering me for months.
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... so have I ever mentioned that I'm a fan of big band music? Because man, I've been listening to Sing, Sing, Sing for the past freaking week or so and I can't stop. It's the first minute and a half that I love the most--I could listen to that forever. With the drums and the flutes and the trumpets and oh god, so good

Remember when I said that I was tempted to make a RP account for the merchant from RE4? Well... [ profile] heystranga. I have no idea what I'm going to use him for, but I am so tempted to put him in some magical fantasy roleplay just so I can lol at how ridiculously out of place he is
NOW THAT I HAVE THAT OUT OF MY SYSTEM I've been real tempted to make a post-Hinawa Flint or a post-game Lucas (can't decide) and app one of them at an asylum RP. God, that would be so depressing, and yet I really want to do it MAN WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME
Which reminds me, I should really do something with my Bradley. It's too bad he doesn't have much of a canon personality to speak of since most RPs I've seen kind of require that, so that limits my options a little. Then again, hardly anyone has played Hotel Dusk. Maybe if I make my blind fanspec sound convincing enough

I'm not really in the Phoenix Wright fandom anymore, but I'm... still really excited about the kink meme anniversary. If you don't hear from me much during that time then it's probably because I'm too busy drawing a bunch of crap
... which reminds me, I should make another art post

man i want to play bioshock like burning GOD JOHN HURRY UP JEEZ



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